Saturday, October 11, 2014

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In "Goodfellas", after a young Henry Hill was arrested, interrogated, booked, taken before a Judge  and ultimately walked from the Courtroom free and clear, Jimmy Conway reportedly said to him:  "You've just learned the two greatest lessons in life: One, never rat on your friends, and two, always keep your mouth shut. "

Fast forward to 9:45 am, Thursday (10/09/14), when a presently unnamed 33 y/o Manhattan man was released from Otisville State Prison (in upstate NY) after having served a 15 year sentence for sale of a controlled substance, weapons and assault.

The unnamed man was released with nothing more than a train ticket for a trip to a halfway house in Manhattan, but when he got outside, someone in a white Hyundai generously offered him a ride, and the newly freed man quickly accepted.

After about two miles, the car pulled over and a second person hopped out of the trunk, pulled out a gun and fired two shots at the newly freed man, striking him with both projectiles and leaving him for dead on the roadside.

The victim managed to stumble his way to the Metro-North station in Otisville, where workers called for help, he was taken to West­chester Medical Center and was stabilized.  He was able to identify the shooter as someone that he had snitched on, and the cops were able to track the two suspects (Jerome A. Mack and Edgar Wilson, both 35) and arrest them later that same day.
The morals of the story:  A)  Listen to Jimmy Conway ("One, never rat on your friends, and two, always keep your mouth shut."); B) Listen to your Mother ("Don't accept rides - or candy - from strangers.); and C)  Listen to Sammy Davis, Jr., ("Don't do the time if you can;t do the crime").

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