Monday, October 20, 2014

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Madison Louch had her iCloud account hacked and was, like many celebrities / actors / actresses as of late, extorted by a computer criminal.

In early September, 2014 Madison was contacted by her alleged hacker, believed to be a Canadian citizen named Nicholas Douglas, who gave her 2 choices:  Either pay $900.00 or have her nude photos published.  

In a quasi-Mel Gibson moment (remember "Ransom"?) Madison contacted the cops, agreed to the payoff and a sting operation was set-up, designed to capture the hacker.  However, instead of showing up himself, the hacker sent his own hack, a one Jamie Munoz, who was tasked with picking up the bribe money, caught doing so in the process and who promptly sung like a canary, ratting out and naming the Canuck.

Memo to Madison Louch:  Way to go.  Don't be a victim.  Get proactive.  

Memo to Jamie Munoz:  1)  Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.  2)  No one likes a rat.

Memo to Nicholas Douglas:  You are a sackless piece of crap. Cyber-preying on innocent, er, well, um, models and celebrities nonetheless and engaging in extortion to boot?  Hackers suck almost as much as am 8 pound Oreck, spammers and robocallers.  If you in fact bragged to Madison about having hacked into celebrity accounts, leaking nude photos, demanding a payoff, arranging specific drop-off instructions (in a Hollywood area planter) and then sending a patsy as a collections agent, all for a meager $900.00, then you are pathetic excuse for a hacker.  You have committed a variety of State and Federal offenses for a pittance.  If you are going to go down, then go bigger than that.  On top of everything else apparently you sir, are a liar.  You didn't get the cash, so where are the nude pics?

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At Michael A. Haber, P.A. "Its all about reasonable doubt"! 

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