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Q:     Will cops notify cps if the a parent calls 3 different times thinking someone was trying tl break in?  My fiancee gas called the cops 3 different times thinking someone was trying to get in our hoyse and2 of the 3 times she said someone just tried getting in but today she called them because she said someone was actually inside the house while my fiancee and our two daughters were watching movies in our room... all three times the police have been rude and have asjed if she was on drugs by chance becaucallsse they weren't able too find anything giving any sign that someone was trying too break in.. well we live abiut 15mins outside of town soo if someone was tring too get in they would be long gone before the policw even showed fiancee has a past with a abusive ex and is constantly thinking someone is on the property cause of her ex, shes aline all day with our two daughters

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Answered No one can tell you what the cops (or anyone else) WILL do; however, its a safe bet that there will be no call to child protective services absent some evidence of child abuse or neglect.

While it is possible that the cops could make a connection between drug use and child abuse / neglect, the overwhelming odds are that if they were going to do that math then they'd've done it on scene. Think about it, it's disingenuous for them to claim that the kid's are in danger yet clear the scene and leave the kids in place not once, not twice but three times.

That said, anything is possible so, if there's dope in the house (especially with kids inside) then FREAKING FLUSH them, and if folks are doing dope around kids then KICK THEM OUT.

That's my advise, for what it's worth. I hope that I've been helpful.
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