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Joe Rogan (of "Fear Factor", "UFC", stand-up comedy, et. al.) has it right when he said:

"W" had a DUI and it didn't stop him from being elected President of the United States (twice). Also, while serving as President Ulysses S. Grant was arrested for "speeding" (apparently that was a crime back then) as was Franklin Pierce, who was arrested while in office for "trampling" an old lady with his horse.

There is an exhaustive list of celebrities and athletes who have "survived" a variety of indiscretions (sadly, many of these jack-wagons fail to learn a life lesson and continue on with their demented ways... but those - the Lindsay Lohans, The Bobby Browns, the O.J. Simpsons - aren't the folks that I am referring to and trying to reach).  Rather, I speak to the uncounted numbers of "normal" folks who get popped for committing victimless offenses on a daily basis, all over the globe,  and it is those people whom I address when I say:  Getting arrested does not render you a per se bad person, and while an arrest cannot be undone (in today's "digital age" it is a permanent scar), and although some crimes are less forgivable than others yours is also not necessarily a proverbial death sentence.  

Take the case of a DUI.  A "simple" DUI (where you are arrested but your actions effect no-one but yourself - there is no accident, there are no minors in the car, there are no guns or drugs or body parts involved).  The decision to drive while impaired (as W did in 1976) was a bad one, but it resulted in no injury / harm to others.  Had W had an accident, had someone been injured, or died even then the result may have been different.  (Of course there are exceptions to every rule as W's Kennebunkport, Maine arrest pales in comparison to Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick, Maine drunk driving escapade which resulted in not only the death of Ted's passenger but also in his leaving the scene of the accident... an incident which earned him a suspended 2 month jail sentence and another 40 years in the U.S. Senate... its good to be a Kennedy, but I digress.) The point is that your offense does not need to define you, even though there will always be some who are unforgiving.

Anyone who drinks (and even some who don't) can get a DUI.  Its just one poor decision away.  The best thing to do (* and this advise holds true for any arrest, not just DUI) is to NOT put yourself in that position to begin with (i.e. let someone else drive or sit tight or find some other transportation), but, if you find yourself in that situation then the next best thing for you to do is to politely and respectfully invoke your rights and keep your cool during the booking and release process.  When you get out meet with a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer, explore your options and settle upon the best litigation objective for you and your unique circumstances.  

As the cops are fond of saying:  "You might beat the rap but you won't beat the ride".  If you manage NOT to compound and complicate the matter (by saying or doing anything dumber than the original act) then you have a shot at "life after arrest".  As Joe Rogan says {paraphrased}:  Do not wallow in your prior poor past.  Be the person who learns from, and who makes the best of, her/his failures.  Define yourself by making better choices and being a better person.

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