Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Let me tell you a story about 4 idiots:  We have the tag team of 28 y/o Stephen Ales and 44 y/o Michael Lilledalh (hereinafter "The Bad Buyers") versus their nemesis, the tag team of 32 y/o Jason Strainer and 28 y/o Peter Avramis (hereinafter "The Stupid Sellers").

Apparently The Bad Buyers had arranged to drive from Queensbury, NY to purchase 1&1/2 pounds of marijuana from The Stupid Sellers in Wilton, NY.  However, instead of conducting business as business is meant to be conducted (in a "businesslike" / professional manner), The Bad Buyers ripped-off The Stupid Sellers and then bolted in their car.

The Stupid Sellers, pissed and, well, stupid, decided to call the cops.  Of course they knew better than to tell the cops what has actually happened, so, instead, they anonymously called and conjured up a story about a car (describing the one being driven by The Bad Buyers), which was presently being driven northbound on the Northway in Wilton, NY which had occupants who were menacingly pointing a gun a other vehicles on the roadway.

Naturally: A) it didn't take long for the NY State Troopers to locate and stop the vehicle; B) no firearm was found (* note that this is the one thing that The Bad Buyers did right - guns and dope do not mix well); C) the elbow and a half was impounded; D) The Bad Buyers were questioned; E) they ratted out The Stupid Sellers; F) the Troopers proceeded to The Stupid Seller's residence and G) The Stupid Sellers were arrested for being in possession of more than another pound of the 'ole wacky weed.

Look:  Folks take calculated risks in life.  If you decide to do so then you need to be prepared for the possible, much less the predictable, eventualities.  If you are selling dope then there is a good chance that at some point in your career someone will attempt to rip you off.  Not that you should embark on such a path, but, if you do then you can take steps / measures to protect against such a ripoff.  Still, if it happens then it happens.  Eat it.  It is called "the cost of doing business".  Calling the cops to report it - or trying to be tricksy in retaliation for it - is beyond dumb.  It is uber-dumb.  

 Remember:  There is no honor among thieves, or dopers.

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