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Q:   John Doe responds to an ad on Craig's List clearly indicating sex for money. Is he in legal trouble?  JD conversed a little via email, but got cold feet and replied, and this is a direct quote," I will pay you two or three hundred for a lap dance. After that, if you like me, we can do whatever you want. Sorry, I'm new to all this, and that would make me most comfortable." Craig's list emails via a proxy, so she never had his email, and he watched her permanently delete them all before he left. It is possible his real name was attached to them. He made it clear throughout the encounter saying multiple times he was just paying for a lap dance, and that anything else that happened was up to her. She did wish to have sex and they did. At no point did he agree to or offer a price for sex, including over email. If the emails didn't delete, is he at risk?

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If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what..... it's a duck. 

The "I paid for the lap dance, but the sex was free" defense never works. Judges and juries can read between the lines and see what the payment was really for. 

Do not speak to the cops. Do not offer any explanations (most especially the one that you proffered here). If you are approached by law enforcement, in person or otherwise, then say nothing other than "I do not want to talk to you without my lawyer present".

You have rights, invoke them. LAWYER UP!

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.
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