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Q:    Can a police officer offer not to press charges with out the states attorney??  I was approached by the cops, to help them buy drugs from other people. are they aloud to ask me to do that without a states attorney involved in it at all. I was told the file, with the charges they have against me, are sitting on the officers desk.

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Answered Do NOT allow law enforcement to serve as your attorney. Read this and then re-read it again: POLICE ARE CONSTITUTIONALLY PERMITTED TO LIE TO YOUR FACE. You are always going to be better protected if you have an attorney broker your cooperation rather than acting pro se (on your own).

That said, the police do not have to involve the State Attorney, and they are free to exercise their discretion to arrest you or not to arrest you as they see fit, but its one hell of a leap of faith for you to hope and pray that they do what they say that they will do - because they do not have to. And, even if they do, once you make a deal with the Devil you can pretty much count on being at the Devil's mercy - that is to say that there is nothing to preclude them from hanging your potential charges over your head again and again and again.

You are in a pickle play my friend, caught right in the middle of bad things and worse things. If I were you I'd get myself into a criminal defense attorney's office yesterday. Explain your situation in detail and get some competent advise. Depending upon the facts and circumstances of you and your situation you might be best advised to cooperate, but if you do then a lawyer can better help to ensure that you get the benefit of your bargain.

Although I practice primarily in Miami-Dade County you are welcome to contact my office for a referral or two, or you can search the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers website by locality (please see http://www.facdl.org/- and click on the "Find A Lawyer" tab).

Either way best of luck!

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