Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Meet Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle.  That's him in the middle, carrying all of those Seahawks defenders down field for forward yardage.

Last year he signed a 4-year 2.35 million (yes, that's "million", with a "m") dollar contract, with a base salary of a meager $495,000.00.  Most folks could buy not only what they need but also whatever they {reasonably} want, but not 'ole Joe.  Nope.  Joe was popped at Dallas area Dillard's last Monday (10/13/14) for stealing a 2-pack of black Polo underwear (valued at $39.50) and a bottle of - I sh*t you not - "Gucci Guilty Black" cologne (values at $84.00).

He faces a misdemeanor theft charge (no biggie, if he has no priors) and was fined (presumably by either the Cowboys or the League) $29,500.00 (which stings, no doubt), but then his agent figured a way to spin his client's Epic FAIL! by signing Joe to an endorsement deal with some outfit called "MeUndies", which A) I have never heard of and B) now, I will never purchase anything from.

Memo to Joe Randle:  You are a douche.  You make more money in a year than most folks will make in a decade, for many in a score or even more years than that.  You are paid huge dollars to do what you presumably love (I don't think that anyone can play pro caliber ball without having a true deep love for the game) and are not tasked with too many other responsibilities in life.  Wtf were you thinking?  And do you really think that donating $15,000.00 of MeUndies to underprivileged folks atones for your idiocy?  Because if you do then you are even stupider than you appear to be.  Wake up and thank whom/whatever you pray to that you were blessed with talent and luck, and stop being a freaking douche.

Memo to Joe's agent:  Smooth move pal, smooth move.

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