Sunday, October 19, 2014

Feces Covered Tip to Waitress / Battery With Bodily Waste / Aggravated Battery / Ball State / Dirty Money / Crappy Service / Crappy Tip / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Smile boys, your team sucks almost as bad as your judgment.

Wtf were you thinking?  I know:  It wasn't me..."; but you were all together and there is a little thing called the "conspiracy" and the "principal theory", not too fail to mention common sense (or, in this case, a lack thereof).

So these three knuckleheads were having lunch along with an unnamed juvenile who got up and went into the bathroom as the check was delivered in its black folder.  When the kid returned from the bathroom he put money into the black folder, including a $2.00 tip (in the form of two $1.00 bills) which were "covered in a brown substance" and had a "foul odor".  

It didn't take the waitress long to figure out what had happened and to call the cops, who promptly arrived and arrested the minor for "battery with bodily waste".

The Ball State U Associate Athletic Director says that "we... find the alleged actions deplorable".  [Say's me: No sh*t?  Really?]  and that "we are continuing to collect information on the matter and will refrain from further judgment until then".

Memo to Ball U:  Your team is 1-5:  Even the feces covered money which was left to this innocent waitress doesn't stink that badly. 

Memo to the unnamed teenager who thought it wise to wipe his ass with the dollar bills and then give them to an unsuspecting and hard-working lady: In your case its a shame that our system of justice does not permit diversion by beat-down.  If it did, then in your case, justice could be served.   Folks like you understand only one thing, a good beating.  Jail time and a criminal record will do nothing to benefit you, the waitress or society in general.  A good beating, however, would satisfy all three. You need help... Jack-wagon.

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