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Q:  Public Urination.  Was driving and needed to use the rest room badly, went in a business place and they told me there is no public restroom here for my use. So i left but could not find a bathroom and hid an urinated. The Police saw me and got in trouble. Told her I could not find a bathroom and she did not care. Is this legal ?

A:  No. It is not legal to take a leak in public, no matter how badly you must do so. 

My advise in the moment: Find a restroom, a very private area, hold it in or piss yourself (as nasty as that is it beats being arrested, having to pay a lawyer and face a Judge...).

My advise after the fact: Hire a skilled and experienced 561 area criminal defense lawyer and do not offer the explanation that you gave here online (having to go really bad is neither a legal excuse, a justification nor an affirmative defense). Instead just let the lawyer read the police report without your commentary, and hope that s/he knows how to frame a defense.

"But for" your explanation I would have suggested a medical necessity defense, and I would hope that your urologist would assist by providing some medical documentation that supports the defense. I have actually accomplished this in the past (not only in defense of a public urination (L&L) charge but also twice (that I can remember) in support of defending allegations public masturbation).

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.
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