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Q:  I'm wondering if I can request more than 180 days to pay a fine before they suspend my license in the state of Florida.  I got a fine for solicitation of prostitution and was given 180 days to pay and I can't afford to pay it off in the 180 days and I can't lose my license because I will lose my job

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Answered Of course you can ask.

Judge's tend to appreciate (and assist) people who make reasonable requests in a timely fashion. It is those who blow it off or wait until the last minute to deal with issues which could have / should have been dealt with early on that generally receive a cooler reception.

You may be able to do this directly through the Clerk, so I would call them first. If you cannot accomplish an extension through the Clerk then call the Judge's Judicial Assistant / Calendar Clerk and have the matter print on the Judge's docket.

Again, most of the time most Judges will appreciate your timely and considerate acts.

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.
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