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Q:  DCF investigator filed a motion to remove my girlfriends children. Every statement in the motion was false. What do I do?  I watch my girlfriends children every weekend and have done this for two years now. Her son is two and her daughter is six moths old. I have been potty training her son one Saturday afternoon with no diaper just underwear and shorts. Noticed it was quiet in his room, as I entered the room I said his name and he turned around to face me. I noticed he was basically peeing his paints. I told him to go to his potty. He took his shorts off and took off running towards his potty. He turned the corner and slipped on the tile floor bare butt. He got up and made it to his toilet, and other than the mess he was ok. A day and a half later I noticed his butt and upper leg were bruised as I was bathing him. DCF arrived a day later and took all the kids and reported that I abused him.

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Answered What you do is hire a lawyer, immediately.

Your girlfriend has a dependency issue and it sounds as though you will likely have a criminal defense issue.

DCF is staffed by overly-zealous, overly-powered, oftentimes overly-protective and reactive (and in many instances outright stupid) people; and these folks are entirely capable of causing you, your girlfriend, her children and both of your families a great deal of aggravation, expense and exposure.

Either way your "story" / version of events must be told, but you will do so at your own peril if you do not have a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer both properly prepare you beforehand and present with you at the time.

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.
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