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Q:    Weed and DUI...  I was both smoking weed and drinking, I was pulled over. I didn't have that many beers and I didn't smoke that much weed but still the officer said that he was taking me in.I blew 1.4 but that's impossible because I smoked much more weed then I drank. Is there anyway I can get out of this proving how much weed I smoked.

A:  I didn't answer this question, but I like this guy's response enough to post it....
  1. James J White


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    Lawyers agree
    Answered You must be smoking much more weed right now if you think proving you were more stoned than drunk somehow gets you out of a DUI.
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This is an excellent example of why folks should STFU and leave all things legal to a lawyer.  This Asker makes responsible pot smokers look bad.

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