Thursday, October 9, 2014

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In the law we have a concept called "causality".  A simple description is to call it the "but for" test, as in, "but for" Joe doing X, Y would not have happened.  

In this case, Deltona, FL residents Donna Knope, her son Jason Knope, and Thomas Stallings are apparent victims of both the "but for" and the "butt dail" tests.  These three genii were all arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possessing methamphetamine with the intent to sell or deliver (as a bonus Mr. Stallings was also charged with a probation violation for his outstanding burglary conviction). 

In this case all of the arrests were predicated upon an apparently unintended cell phone call to 911 - a "butt dial" - which led a Volusia County emergency dispatcher to field a call which lasted nearly 30 minutes, during which two voices were heard "discussed drugs" and eventually during which the 911 operator actually heard "a bubbling sound as if something was cooking".  

During the half hour that the emergency dispatcher kept the call connected deputies were able to track the cell phone to a home in Deltona where they claim to have been able to look inside of an open window to a shed and to see all the elements needs to operate a meth lab, including hypodermic needles, a butane torch, plastic tubing, coffee filters, lighter fluid and more.  Deputies describe the scene where the trio was arrested as being a shed full of "meth-making materials" with smoke billowing out of it.  

Memo to Donna, Jason and Thomas:  You are not Walt and Jessie.  I'd tell you to watch your butt dialing but apparently that won't be a problem, so, instead, I'll just advise that you watch your butts.

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