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Q:  Unreasonable bond:  a friend just opted out of drug court with request to go before a regular criminal court judge . the original drug court judge sided with the state , revoked her original bond of $4250 and reset it at $75030 . She has been in jail now for 17 days and does not see the new judge until the 27th ( 15 more days) , her public defender attorney has not contacted or returned any calls , like he is ignoring her , what is the process for a bond reduction so I can get her out , provide a place to live and get her in a rehab program I am willing to pay for. She has already gone through the detox program at the county jail . incidentally she was arrested for prescription drugs , she was in a auto accident a few years ago ,has plates , screws and pins in both her elbows and the medical staff. The jail has after Detox prescribed and put her BACK on the same medication for pain she was arrested for that she was presumably obtaining illegally because her insurance company stopped paying for her medications , dropped her policy and told her to apply for OBAMA CARE . so what's the twist here I am REALLY CONFUSED that's like letting The Fox watch the Hen House ???

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Answered This is a sad but predictable story.

My advise: Instead of paying for rehab how's about you pony up and pay for a lawyer.

A private criminal defense lawyer would almost certainly be a much better investment.

If you cannot, or will not, hire a private lawyer, then the PD is as good as its gonna get. In this case you should know that although they generally cannot afford to offer up the time and personalized attention that a private lawyer brings to the table (albeit at a price), PD's are almost all excellent attorneys, generally being extremely well-versed in both the law and their courtrooms.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not easy to either get hired as, or to remain employed as, a PD. It takes brains, ethics, effort and commitment. It is an often times thankless job and attorney's who are not committed to it simply do not last. For those who do, however, their client's benefit not only from the day-to-day knowledge of their individual courtrooms (including but not limited to knowing the tendencies of their Judge, their prosecutors and the other instrumental court personnel) but also from the vast resources that the PD brings to the table (investigators, experts, etcetera) without further expense to the client.

I am not ignoring anything in your proffer, it is just irrelevant. Unless you are a licensed lawyer then there is nothing you can do to bring this matter to the Court's attention, and even if you could there would still be evidentiary and procedural dilemmas standing in your path.

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.
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