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Q:    Why did i get arrested and charged?  My boyfriend pulled a knife on me and threatened to gut me in public so i fought him.

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Answered If you want to know what you got arrested after your boyfriend pulled a knife on you and threatened to gut you in public then I suggest that you read your arrest / probable cause affidavit. That document, which is the initial police report in your case, will detail the facts and circumstances which led the your arresting officer to have determined that probable cause in fact existed to believe that you committed a crime.

If you told the cops what you proffered here (i.e. that "My boyfriend pulled a knife on me and threatened to gut me in public so i fought him") and they arrested you, then apparently they did not believe that you acted in self defense and instead that you were the aggressor (but, again, its the police report which will detail the answer, I am just speculating over here).

Regardless, (whether the cops dismissed your claim of self-defense or not), an arrest merely commences the criminal process, and there are many more layers, and higher standards and burdens before you can be found guilty of anything.

Your best strategic move at this point is for you to locate an experienced Crestview area criminal defense lawyer, make an appointment, show up on time, bring whatever evidence, documents or witnesses that you may have, engage in a meaningful face-to-face consultation and get yourself some advise which is legally sound and has been custom tailored as possible to meet your specific reasonable needs in your unique case.

You may or may not enjoy viable defenses to the charges, affirmative or otherwise, or there may be factual, legal, procedural or substantive mechanisms by which to attack and beat the charges in your unique case, I do not know and the forum to find out is NOT on line; rather it is in the sanctity of attorney's offices, where your statements are privileged and cannot be used against you.

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.
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