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Q:   Running a red light and a camera was on.  Ok the light turned orange and I couldnt break enough to stop at the white line so I had to go through as by the time id brake part of the car would stick out on the road, and part of or most of my viechle went through as it turned red. OK What will happen. there was a traffic camera, I Was driving a car rental. I DIDNT want part of my car sticking out in the road.

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Answered What will happen is that the tag will be captured by the camera and a citation will be sent to the rental company which will in turn send it to the renter - you or whomever gave you the keys.

If you receive the camera ticket prior to it becoming a UTC (uniform traffic citation) and while it remains a civil infraction, then you can pay it and get neither points nor an entry on your driver history.

If it is alrteady a UTC (and not a civil infraction) by the time that you get it then I suggest that you hire a local traffic ticket lawyer. I can't speak to the 516 per se, but in Miami, Fl, where I have been a practicing criminal defense lawyer for 22+ years, for $49-$99 you will get a lawyer who knows the law, the procedure, the Judge and probably the cop. In short you will almost certainly get both competent representation and a better result for a relatively small fee / investment.

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.
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