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Q:  What's the charge if a student steals a public school teacher's private car on public school property? Is it considered federal?  Student is seen going into the car on the surveillance camera. They took the car during lunch. Stole the keys from my desk in class and then took the car during lunch.

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Answered The charge is most probably "grand theft auto", a 3rd degree felony which is punishable by up to 5 years in State prison. The student will probably not serve a day, but s/he can and should be, at a minimum, punished as an administrative matter vis-a-vis the school board.

As an aside, I don't expect non-lawyers to be versed in the law, but I do expect public school teachers to be versed in civics. What is more disconcerting to me than a student who disrespects his teacher and breaks the law is a public school teacher who thinks that auto theft is even possibly a federal matter. If you are such a teacher then I truly hope that you teach nothing more intellectual than physical education.

Still, no one deserves to be the victim of crime and if you have not doe so already then you should call the cops - local cops, not the FBI.

Meanwhile, not withstanding my admitted sarcasm, I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.
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Jay Scott Finnecy
Jay Scott Finnecy, Criminal Defense Attorney - Vista, CA
Posted 21 minutes ago.
Excellent point, Mr. Haber. I am daily astonished at the general lack of understanding in the country of BASIC CIVICS. What the hell is going on in our schools these days? I'll also never understand why crime victims post questions on a forum populated by criminal defense attorneys who would gladly represent the crook? Does anybody really need my permission or direction to report a crime?? CALL THE POLICE!
Michael Adam Haber
Michael Adam Haber, Criminal Defense Attorney - Miami, FL
Posted 8 minutes ago.
@ JSF: My kid is in 4th grade and cannot name the first 3 US Presidents. His school projects deal with things like Hispanic Heritage and Afro-American appreciation. While these are noble ideals I am absolutely disgusted with how the school system chooses to prioritize what is important. When I was in 4th grade I learned about bills and laws and the democratic structure of government. I acted in a play for bicentennial in 1976.... My kid? Nothing even remotely similar. Our country has morphed into something, well, frankly, embarrassing.

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