Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fuck the Police / 1st Amendment / Recording the Police / Winning in Court / Michael A. Haber, Esq., **ARRESTED / **305DUI

A good result in Court - notwithstanding a very poor choice in appearance

Props to Michael Burns for beating his "obstructed license plate" citation.

His defense:  Police harassment / retaliation for his having filmed them against their wishes (many cops don't like to be filmed, to which I say: "Awwww pudding...").

Memo to the cops:  Citizens can (and should) record your every move and word while you are performing your duty as a public servant.  Get used to it.  Better yet, embrace it.  If you are acting responsibly and the citizen in question is either violating the law or being a douche (or both) then the footage is certain to support you and bury your quarry.

Memo to the folks (and Michael Burns):  Record the cops and invoke your rights as you wish, but don't be a disrespectful douche about it.   Wearing a shirt that says "F*** the Police" to Court may be an exercise of your 1st Amendment rights but it is also a colossally douche-worthy act.    

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