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Q:  Is it illegal for a civilian to access expunged record? Is it possible to access expunged records from '09?  It was ordered and adjudged that the petition to expunge was granted back in '09. This included all info re:indicia of arrest/criminal history record info re: the petition. 
The person who resurfaced this information is my significant other's ex whom has also performed multiple background & social media checks on me in hopes to defame me & find out where I live. Ive never met this person nor have communicated with. I learned of this bc of confessions via txt to my significant other. Shouldn't have the Clerk of Court, The State Attorney and the Dep of Law Enforcement complied with the ordered and adjudged? Is there a way to confirm the case was expunged? Is there a record of who requested to see the file? Who has access to expunged records? What can I do to protect myself from this person?

A:  No it is not illegal. 

No you have no expectation of privacy from PRIVATE persons or entities.

Sadly, sealing (and expunging) only applies to certain (not even to all) government agencies and has no effect whatsoever on either private persons or {extortionist} enterprises, who are lawfully permitted to compile and maintain arrest information and then demand that you pay them off to remove your information from their database and public access, or to disperse it as they see fit. Worse still, after you "buy back your information", then you can count on there being another private company lurking, somewhere, sometime, somehow, just waiting for you to pay them off as well. Its a seemingly never-ending vicious cycle.

Like Sammy Davis, Jr. sand in his theme song to the tv show Baretta... "Don;t do the crime if you can't do the time" ("Eye of the Sparrow").

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.

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