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Q:  I have a cdl A I got a careless ticket and now it is keeping me from getting a job can I have it removed?  I was driving my personal car it was raining traffic stop and I tried and slid off the road to avoid other cars hit some peoples fence no other cars involved and no injurys.

A:  A CDL is a CDL regardless of what type of vehicle you are driving. 

Unless you can convince an Auburndale Judge to reopen your case and dispose of it in another and more favorable way you are stuck, and DMV will not budge. (Naturally "you" should not do this personally; rather you should have a skilled and experienced Auburndale area criminal defense or traffic lawyer piece this together and move Heaven and Earth to accomplish your objective.)

As for the employment portion of your question, a potential employer can pretty much do whatever she / he / it wants. Florida is an "at will" employment state, meaning that, absent an employment contract, you can be hired or fired for any reason or for no reason, so long as it is not for an illegal reason (i.e. race, sex, etc). No employer is required to give you a job,.

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.

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