Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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On September 10th, 2014, 46 y/o Victor Thompson of New Hampshire was arrested by officers of the St. Petersburg, Florida Police Department for possession of "Spice", a synthetic marijuana which is illegal in Florida. Thompson stupidly allowed the police to search his pockets (which is something that you should also never, ever, do, but I digress...) after he was spotted trespassing outside of a community center.

As noted in the “Scars, Marks, Tattoos or other distinguishing features” section of his police report, Thompson has “Tattoo Head-Patriots Football Helmet.”  The helmet included a series of tattoos inked on Thompson's head to make it appear that he is wearing a New England Patriots football helmet. Along with team logos on each side of his head, Thompson got Brady’s number 12 and the word “Patriots” inked on the back of his head. He added the name of the helmet maker (“Riddell”) on his forehead, as well as an American flag and an NFL logo. Incredibly, Thompson even included the small green dot indicating that a helmet is equipped with an electronic device allowing its wearer to receive plays from the sideline.  If that's not enough for you, Thompson also had a likeness of the Super Bowl trophy tattooed on the top of his head. Additionally, his noggin features inked replicas of the signatures of players Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker, and Randy Moss. Somehow, Thompson forgot to add Aaron Hernandez’s John Hancock to his cranium.  Jailers took four separate booking photos of Thompson so that his tattoos could be memorialized for possible future identification purposes.

Memo to Victor Thompson (& any "Spice" smokers - or potential "Spice" smokers):  2 things about this:  
1)  If you are going to commit crimes and you do not want to get caught, then A) have an alibi, B) do not get caught on scene; C) do not leave behind evidence (of any sort) and D) if you do get approached by cops then IN-freaking-VOKE you rights.  (Our forefathers fought and died for you to have rights, inalienable or otherwise, and whenever you permit cops to search you or your property or you agree to engage them in a Q&A some forefather somewhere is rolling over in his grave.)
2)  Having grown up in Miami, watched the '72 Dolphins {grow old a decrepit}, followed the career of Marino, watched intently as Bledsoe picked apart the 'Fins year after year and coming to respect Tom Brady as much as any Pats fan, I have to ask.... Seriously?  If this is what Spice does then don't freaking smoke that stuff.  You'd be better off sniffing Ammonia.  

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