Friday, October 10, 2014

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After a call to police reporting suspicious sounds, at about 3am Tuesday (10/07/14) morning, Joshue Holoman was found atop a Daytona Beach Sunoco gas station, tar stained and in possession of burglary tools.

Naturally, being found on the roof, at that time in the early morning hours near an air conditioning shaft and with "a makeshift prying tool" in his hands, the cops were curious and started asking questions.  Most unfortunately for him, Joshue answered.  Not once.  Not twice.  But three whole times!

At first he stated that he was "visiting family".   When it was pointed out that none of his family members were found atop the Sunoco Joshue changed his story and stated that he was a{n apparent good samaritan} "repairman who was atop the building because he [had] heard the air conditioning [unit] making noise".  After further inquiry Joshue's "final answer" to police was that he had been sleeping on the roof and had smeared tar on his head to serve as camouflage ans so as not to be seen (apparently by pooping pigeons or aerial drones).  Riiiiiigggggghhhhhhtttttttt.......

Memo to Joshue Holoman (and to anyone who gets caught at the scene of a crime):   Three is NOT a charm!  Please, pretty please, just STFU.  Do not resist, run, flee or fight.  Provide your name, DOB, reasonably requested identifying / demographic information and be generally cooperative with the booking process, but DO NOT offer explanation, and most especially do not offer multiple explanations.  You may have been tarred, but after your statements to cops you are almost certain to be tarred and feathered in Court.

I don't know that there is any "good" excuse for being caught tar-stained and roof top at 3am with "a makeshift prying tool" in your hands but I do know this much:  Your criminal defense lawyer has exponentially better odds at finding such an explanation after the fact than you do in the moment. 

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