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Las Vegas Surgeon & Wife are Arrested after throwing Illegal Drug Fueled Sex Parties ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Meet 47 y/o Andrew Scott Martin, a Harvard graduate and alleged top orthopedic surgeon in Las Vegas, who was arrested for trying to give MDMA to an undercover officer and offering up sex at one of his "adult events".

Also arrested for various drug offenses was Drew's wife, 36 y/o Jennifer Martin (pictured below)...

Others (also pictured below) were also arrested, starting with Jaymie Lenz...

And Robert Ruffin (who allegedly laid down four (4) lines of cocaine, offering them to undercover cops)....

And Jennifer Coppola...

And Shannon Grammer...

Isn't it amazing how freaking happy all of them (except the should-be-disgraced doctor) look in their booking photos?  Well, that's what MDMA will do, among other things (including getting your ass arrested, and possibly killed).

So here's how it all went down... Drew and his wife have been accused of holding huge drug-fulled swingers parties, some of which occurred at their $3,000,000.00 Las Vegas home. The illicit parties were foiled by an undercover operation which began when police created a covert adult website.  (Yup, this is yet another example of law enforcement using the internet to conduct a sting operation.)

In late 2013, undercover cops were "invited" to a "Frost and Furs party" at the Martin home. Although the group had been "difficult to infiltrate" police had some knowledge of the level of narcotics that were being distributed at the events so a pair of undercover cops, posing as a couple, dressed up and attended the event.  Officer Cynthia Hurtado, one of the undercover officers told a grand jury that "It was a swingers lifestyle party, which means people, couples had intercourse with each other."  The undercover pair were forced to leave when the party started getting physical, but before they left, one (1) of them was offered Molly (a/k/a MDMA), by a reveller before they departed. According to police, Dr. Martin, who was referred to as "Scotty" by attendees, subsequently invited the pair to another party at the Trump Hotel in January 2014, whispering to them the password "Fidelio" (which is the title of a Ludwig van Beethoven opera also known as Leonore, or The Triumph of Married Love).  It turns out that the theme of that night was "Eyes Wide Shut", based on the 1999 film starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a married couple who go on a night of sexual discovery.  When Officer Hurtado told Dr. Scotty that she needed something to loosen her up he told her that "I will get you loose once I have sex with you later" and  Dr. Scotty is alleged to have offered more MDMA to the undercover pair at the second party.   

Later, in April, 2014 at a "Neon Kitties party" the undercover pair brought along another undercover female officer to join what was reported to be as many as 100 people in their third venue.  Robert Ruffin, Jaymie Lenz and Jovan Sanita Smith attended this third event which featured florescent body paint which glowed in black lighting.  At this party Ruffin is alleged to have laid out four (4) lines of cocaine on the kitchen counter, where he, Jaymie Lenz and Jovan Sanita Smith each snorted a line. When Ruffin left, another undercover officer, Noel Roberts, scooped what was left of the substance into an evidence bag.  Ruffin is now facing four charges - including being under the influence and possession of a controlled substance. 

Dr. Scotty met the undercover police pair a fourth time at the Book & Stage Sports Bar inside of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and invited them to another sex-fueled party in September. In regard to this event Officer Hurtado told the jury that "He [Dr. Martin] said that it's basically good-looking people that have sexual intercourse with each other and that everybody is very friendly", but before guests could arrive, officers swarmed his house and arrested him.  During a search more than half an ounce of marijuana was found along with a stash of "magic" mushrooms, meth­amphetamine, cocaine and MDMA.

Dr. Scotty was suspended from practicing medicine for a whomping two (2) months after his arrest. He was told he must follow stringent guidelines for two (2) years if he wants to continue working as a doctor. He went into an in-patient treatment program at the Betty Ford Center in California, was released in November, 2014 and still faces ten (10) drug charges, including three (3) counts of trafficking a controlled substance.  Jennifer Martin (Dr. Scotty's wife) pled guilty earlier this month to a single charge of possession of drugs which and paid a $1,000 fine, as did Lenz and a one Jovan Sanita Smith. Later, in October, police executed a search warrant at the home of Shannon Grammer, who had offered police MDMA at the 'Neon Kitties' party, and they found a handgun registered to her alongside a pistol and a 12-gauge shotgun that were claimed by a friend.  Grammer told police she had been addicted to meth for ten (10) years and was charged with three (3) counts of trafficking, two (2) counts of possession and three (3) counts of ownership or possession of a firearm by a prohibited person as a result of a previous drug arrest.  Christopher Sbraccia, who was at the house at the same time, faces the same charges.   Jennifer Coppola, another woman who attended the parties, was arrested and charged with two counts of the sale of a controlled substance.  

What is to be learned from this?  1)  If you are determined to engage in them (whatever "they" may be) then keep your Shenanigans to a minimum, or as Frank Lopez somewhat more dramatically said to Tony Montana in "Scarface", be humble about it as "pigs get slaughtered";  2)  Undercover cops are potentially everywhere and are limited by only A) their imagination, in terms of how they can get into your business and ruin your day and B) your openness and willingness to permit them access;  and 3)  If you want to engage in drug-fueled sex partying then do it in a favorable location, like Amsterdam for instance.

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