Friday, March 13, 2015

Douchebaggerous FL Judge sentences audience member to jail for SILENTLY checking her email ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Meet 30 y/o Elmira Shahin.  That's her below....

On Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 Elmira had appeared in Orange County, FL misdemeanor court before Judge Wilfredo Martinez (pictured below - and, if you happen to be an Orange County, Florida voter then please remember that name and face).

During the course of his calendar Elmira was made an example of, being called out of the audience by Judge Martinez, shackled and then actually jailed for the heinous offense of daring to SILENTLY check her email on her smart phone, contrary to the Court's January, 2015 new ban on members of the public using cellphones in courtrooms.  

It is important to note that Elmira's phone was not ringing, she was not engaged in a telephone conversation and her actions neither threatened nor did they disrupt the courtroom; rather she was quietly waiting in the audience for her misdemeanor case to be called when Judge Martinez, the unequivocal Douche of the Day, decided to make an example of her, stating that "The Defendant's behavior and actions in the courtroom were designed to openly and directly disrespect everyone in the courtroom, to usurp the court's authority and to make a mockery of the court system".  And to that I say "NEWSFLASH:  No they [her actions] were not.  They [her actions] were designed to check her email while she quietly waited for you to call her case... douche bag."

I have no issue with Judge's coming down, hard even, on folk's who disrespect the Court, including those who do not have either the decency or smarts to shut their ringers off or those who are brazen enough to actually answer the phone and have a conversation right there in the courtroom - and most especially if they have been warned.  But, if you are quietly minding your own business awaiting you case to be called and decide to send a text or to read an article or to check your email or to play BeJeweled or Candy Crush or whatever games that people play (and incessantly send me invites to join, but I digress...) then there is absolutely no disrespect going on and it is, quite respectfully, none of the Judge's f'ing business.

Sadly, some Judges suffer from a disease known as "Robe-itis".  Memo to them:  Regardless of what your over inflated ego tells you, in fact you are a mere mortal and an elected or appointed public servant who is no better than anyone else, so mellow the f*ck out.  How's about you spend a little more time paying attention to your own business - to the Court's business - to the cases at hand, and a little less time worrying about the audience, unless of course they are, in fact, actually disrupting your courtroom.  Feel free to enforce the peace in your little fiefdom, as you should, but leave the otherwise non-troublesome and quiet citizens alone.  Further, believe it or not, your should be aware that to many members of the audience (and oftentimes to us lawyers as well) you, the Judge, and your courtroom are, frankly, boring and lame.  You waste time bantering about non-court related issues, you tell pointless anecdotes and sometimes make inappropriate comments.  You oftentimes take the Bench late and then engage in extended sidebars or take obnoxiously long breaks and, most importantly, you blither on, incessantly, while the rest of the world waits, idly, for you to finally get about your business - which in fact is the people's business.

Obviously I an not speaking to all, or even to "most" or "many", Judge's, and even "Robe-itis" sufferers sometimes play nice and otherwise "good" Judges also have their "bad" moments, but I am calling out Judge Wilfredo Martinez of Orlando, Orange County, Florida, for being the unequivocal "Douche Bag of the Day". And, while I'm at it, I'd like to shout out to Wilfredo's Chief Judge, Fred Lauton who, rather than taking the right side of this unfortunate situation chose to double down and back his subordinate by moronically telling the media, in response to Fredo's actions, that "It could easily be they're using phones in a way that would beach our security".  Really?  Honestly?  For reals?  Memo to Chief Judge Lauton, for your complete and utter lack of a sack (balls) and for your sheer idiocy, this pic is for you....

As to Judge Wil"Fredo" Martinez....

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