Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why I Hate Lawyers: Lawyer Files Motion to Dismiss Animal Abuse Case because Cat Can't Prove Injuries / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Not withstanding my being one, or maybe it is because I am one, but either way sometimes lawyers really piss me off.  

Take for instance alleged attorney Risa Procton, who filed a Motion to Dismiss a case of "torturing and injuring animals", a misdemeanor (why this is a misdemeanor and not a felony I cannot fathom, but I digress...) which was filed against 22 y/o Andre Robinson, who was captured on video kicking / punting or otherwise causing with hit foot a cat reportedly up to 20' in the air... there is a video on the link above but here are some disturbing still photos taken from the video footage...

Attorney Proctor's Motion to Dismiss states that "The accusatory instrument fails to allege any injury or pain experienced by the cat", essentially challenging the Court to require the State to have to prove that the cat, who is clearly seen flying about 20' into the air as a result of jack-wagon Robinson's intentional foot and leg motion - and while he is grinning - has not suffered any injury from being punted.

Memo to Risa Procton:  I get the fact that lawyers take on unpopular causes, and even that we have to file ludicrous motions from time to time, but yours, in this case, truly pisses me off.  You will lose the Motion, as you should, because it is just plain stupid.  There is no justification for what your client did, and there is no loophole from which he will escape the charge.  The only negative is that for some God forsaken reason NY classifies this crime is a mere misdemeanor, when in fact it should be a felony.

Memo to Andre Robinson:  You are a sociopath and a f'ing scumbag.  I wouldn't represent you on a bet.  In fact, I'd file an amicus brief on behalf of the State, and would gladly volunteer to personally ad minster some Machiavelli-styled poetic justice in your case.

There is a special place reserved in Hell for f*ckward animal abusers like you.  

First, I sincerely hope that your Judge has the fortitude to make an example of you and sentence you to the 364 day max, and then I pray that word spreads quickly in Riker's Island (or whatever sh*thole you wind up in) that you are a kitten abuser, so that someone like Zeus here can make you little pussy b*tch.

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