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"Super Creep" Abducts 5 y/o Girl, Returns to Father before Fleeing, then meets K-9... / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Meet 47 y/o "super creep"  Troy Morley.  Yes that is him below:

Apart from a pair of DUIs Troy has no documented criminal history, especially insofar as child-related issued are concerned, yet he is described by his neighbors in Roy, UT as being a "super creep".

In fact, he is apparently so "super creepy" that his next-door neighbor Andrea Shearer, 33, said she forbid her children to interact with Morley after a series of bizarre and inappropriate conversations that she had with him.  Shearer said that Morley had been caught sneaking into backyards, including hers and that she had obtained a "no trespass order" on him from local police.  While she couldn't;prove it she also believes Morley had a meth addiction and claims that he talked about a satanic cult which caused his wife to leave him and having critters crawling through the attic.  

"He scared me. I'm so glad he's gone," said Shearer, a health care professional. "You always hear people saying about their neighbor that they seemed so quiet and normal. Not him, I'm not surprised."  And what is she not surprised about?  Well, she was not surprised to hear that Creepy Morley was arrested about 45 miles north in Sandy, Utah, a Salt Lake City suburb, for  child kidnapping, burglary, trespassing and resisting arrest.

So what happened?  On Friday. November 7th, 2014 at approximately 4:30 am a set of Utah parents were awakened from their sleep by the sound of their front door opening and their 5-year-old daughter talking.  The father rushed outside and saw the terrifying sight of his 5-year-old stepdaughter in the arms of a stranger who was carrying her away across the front lawn. 

Turns out that the man was creepy 'ole Morley, who had entered the family's residence through an unlocked basement door and was searching through things when he apparently came upon the girl sleeping in her bedroom.  While Morley's motive for taking the girl (instead of say a TV or some silverware) is unknown, upon being confronted by the father, who demanded the return of his girl, Morley complied, giving the child back to her dad without a fight, and then fleeing.

While this exchange occurred the child's mother was on the phone with 911.  "There was a man in my home and he took my 5-year-old daughter... I happened to wake up and he had my daughter outside. My husband ran out there and got her from him. But he took my daughter."  "But do you have your daughter back now?" said the dispatcher.  "Yeah, but he's out there somewhere," she said. "He came in my home...He took my daughter from my house."

So the cops do what they are supposed to do:  They set up a perimeter and caught Morley, with the use of K-9's (one of whom was lucky enough to get to bite that "super creep" in the shoulder), 
just two blocks away after having broken into another house

Cops believe that the abduction attempt was not targeted and was a random incident but, as the cops later commented, "It obviously was a very scary, traumatic situation... Its got to be one of the worst nightmares a parent could face. ... If those parents were not awakened to go out and investigate, he could have easily left undetected with the girl."

A spokesman of the family of the girl spoke for the family about the experience stating that they are doing well considering the circumstances and calling it "a miracle that the parents woke up in time... Thirty seconds later and it would have been all over... He would have been long gone."

And truer words were never spoken.  Remember Elizabeth Smart?  She was abducted not too far away from this site of ugly scene.

Memo to "Super Creep" Troy Morley:   You may be a sick f*ck but you are actually a lucky sick f*uck - well, maybe not.... your prison stay may prove less than friendly, but at least your are alive, with only a puncture wound to the shoulder to show for it.

Memo to the Folks:  This family was exceptionally lucky, but there are a lot of "super creeps" / sick, demented f*cks out there, and you might not be able to say the same.  So please, lock your doors, secure your homes and protect your kids.

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