Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pregnant Beggar with "Please Help" sign gets to and from Panhandling Spots in Mercedes and May Live in $2,500.00/mo Apartment / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Melissa Smith, a San Diego, CA resident is a giving person, so when she observed a seemingly pregnant woman with a young boy at her side she gave them money.  In fact she gave them money, consistently over a 2 month period, as the woman and boy were routinely "begging" in the same location, positioned outside of a shopping center in Chula Vista, CA, with the pregnant woman holding a sign which read "please help".

Over the approximate 2 month period Melissa occasionally saw a man with the pregnant woman and boy, and in fact she saw the three of them together recently while she was parked adjacent to the trio and pumping gas.  But what she saw on this last occasion has her rethinking her charitable beliefs as this last time Melissa saw them climb into a Mercedes Benz sedan and drIve off, counting money and seemingly laughing in the Benz.

Melissa followed them and took a few pictures along the way, simply amazed when she saw them stop, exit the luxury vehicle, setting up "shop" once again (pulling out and displaying the "please help" sign and actually collecting money) at another location.  

At this point Melissa parked, exited her vehicle and took more pictures.  When she was noticed doing so by the pregnant woman, Melissa was violently confronted - apparently the pregnant woman picked up a large rock (described by Melissa as "a boulder") and threatened Melissa with it, prompting an independent witness to call 911.

By the time that the cops arrived the trio had fled, but Melissa had captured their license plate and the registered owner came back to an address of an Escondido, CA apartment complex with units renting in the $2,500.00 per month vicinity.

To give is divine, but be careful whom you give to, as things are not always what they seem.

Memo to the pregnant panhandler:  You are likely to get tracked down and arrested. Apart from whatever panhandling violations that can be thrown at you (which, incidentally, almost certainly would not be levied against you "but for" your scam - i.e. were you legitimate and not a fraudster then the cops and courts wouldn't bother, but because you are a scammer you will almost certainly be targeted) you will face prosecution for assault with a deadly weapon.  Congratulations.  You are too smart fro yourself, a/k/a, another dumb criminal.

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