Wednesday, November 19, 2014

F'head Father has 11 y/o Daughter Swallow 1.2 lbs of Cocaine to Mule Dope Overseas - Emergency Surgery Saves Her Life / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

An 11 y/o girl was admitted into a hospital and underwent emergency surgery after a "cocaine capsule (shown below) exploded in her stomach.

Doctors in Santaigo de Cali, Columbia discovered  104 cocaine capsules weighing in at more than 1.2 lbs in the 11 y/o's stomach after she was seen on CCTV being dropped and abandoned at Cali's Valle del Lili hospital by her father and another undisclosed relative (it was not the child's mother).

Apparently the girl's father forced his daughter to swallow the cocaine capsules in an effort to get past border security in Spain, which was their intended destination from Columbia.  While the girl's mother denied any knowledge of the father's nefarious plan cops are not convinced.

Columbia is perhaps the most notorious export source of cocaine, and Spain is a frequent target for the product.  Per the article, Spanish authorities have thwarted smuggling operations at Marrid International Airport by folks who had cocaine sewn into the underside of wigs, hidden inside of false plaster vasts and even stashed inside the arms of wheelchairs, so why not in an 11 y/o girl's bell?

Memo to the scumbag POS parent who risked his daughter's life over a payday:  Most parents would take a bullet for their children, not make them swallow 104 of them  You are up there with the...

Accordingly, I hereby award you the:

And while I sincerely hope that you kid is okay, that she is not forveer scarred by your savagery and that you are caught and receive swift and Marcelus Wallace styled justice:

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