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Woman Beats DUI by Dating her Arresting Officer who Fails to Appear in Court ~ Cop is under Investigation ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Most folks beat a DUI the old fashioned way, by hiring a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer (preferably one who's practice is centered around DUI defense litigation), but apparently there is another, possibly even more efficient way to beat your DUI case:  Start dating your arresting officer.

That's what 34 y/o Angela Torres (pictured below) did.  After being arrested on May 2nd, 2014 for DUI by New Mexico State Policeman Marvin Goke Angela started dating her arresting officer and *** POOF *** her DUI was ultimately dismissed (which tends to happen when the arresting officer fails to appear for trial).

Back in May, 2014, per his arrest report Goke saw Angela swerve through a street in Albuquerque, NM while driving her Lexus.  The entire incident, from the moment that Goke pulled Angela over right up until she is placed under arrest, was captured by the dash came footage (which you can see here).  The video shows Angela having trouble staying in one lane as she is driving.  It also shows her wearing a denim mini-skirt during the stop and telling Goke: "Yeah, I…had a bad breakup so I have a lot on my mind right now."  Before offering Angela FST's (field sobriety tests) Goke can be heard saying to another officer:  "Yeah, she's…she's tanked man (laughter). She was bouncing off the curb coming down here in that Lexus, man. I was like, whoa!.  She's pretty intoxicated."  The video then shows Goke doing a field sobriety test on Angela, who maintains that she has not had anything to drink but that the other person in the car with her was drinking.  Goke is heard having the following dialogue with the female who was in the car with Angela who asked:  "There's no way you can let her off?'" and who was informed by Goke that "'No, sorry. That's not the way it goes."

Eight (8) months after her arrest the charges against Angela were dropped as Goke failed to show up for a court appearance.  But, surprise surprise, Goke has showed up for various of Angela's Facebook appearances...

and, as George Thorogood would say, he's looking all "lovey-dovey" ("but for  five year she was so nice. Lord she was lovey-dovey"; "One Bourbon, One Scotch One Beer"), and Angela herself has commented on at least one of the photos saying: "My guy!" Other comments, reportedly from friends, speak about what a nice couple the two make. 

Two (2) months ago an internal complaint was filed (reportedly by another State Police Officer / whistle-blower) against Goke, who has been placed on administrative leave while the complaint is investigated.   Neither Goke nor Angela have made any public comment about their relationship but State Police Chief Pete Kassetas has gone on record saying that an officer has to have reasons which are sanctioned by the department in order to miss a DWI trial, like scheduling, training or vacation.  As to Goke's blowing off Angela's DUI trial the Chief stated that: "What I can tell is that, as the chief, I take matters about my officers showing up for court very seriously." Speaking directly to the situation of whether officers are allowed to date people they have arrested the Chief stated:  "If you're asking me specifically about this case, I can't answer that. If you're asking me that question in general terms, my answer would be no."  

Memo to Goke:  Whether she's really into you or not I don't blame Angela for dating you, but I have to point out that you are obviously not too bright a guy.  I've been practicing criminal defense litigation for nearly a quarter of a century and in that time I've handled well over 500 DUI cases (and literally many thousands of cases in all). While an arrest cannot be undone, smart and motivated cops can effect the outcome of most any of their cases in any of a number of subtle ways ("subtle" being the key word), but failing to appear for trial pisses off prosecutors, and any cop with half a brain knows that.  Had you given even half as much thought to getting your girlfriend off of her DUI as you presumably dedicate to otherwise getting her off then you would be all lovey-dovey with both her and your department and I wouldn;t be calling you out in this blog post.  Instead, here we are, and with any luck, you'll be permitted to resign in lieu of being fired.  

For more than 23 years Michael A. Haber, P.A. has been providing creative, effective and zealous advocacy and counsel in cases ranging from DUI to drug trafficking and from misdemeanors to first degree murder.  

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