Friday, July 10, 2015

During Custody Battle over their Dog an AL Lawyer Slits the Dog's Throat, Takes Picture & Sends it to Wife with Threat ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

  • Meet 48 y/o disgraced, disbarred Alabama lawyer, not to fail to mention completely sick, twisted f*ck James Stewart Robinson of Birmingham, Alabama.  That is his mug shot below...

And meet "Rufus" - an American Staffordshire bull terrier - RIP / Alav HaShalom you sweet pooch - who fell victim to the barbaric nature of his alleged "human"...

  • On Monday, July 6th, 2015 this piece of sh*t pled guilty to one (1) count of 1st degree animal cruelty for slitting his dog's throat and one (1) count of 3rd degree domestic violence for then sending a photo of the dead dog to his estranged wife with a comment that said that she was next.  Sentencing is set for August 3rd, 2015 (more on that shortly).

  • The "incident" occurred in June, 2012 after this scumbag's (I refuse to dignifying him with a name) then-wife filed for divorce and sought custody of Rufus.  Accordingly, the sociopath bastard proceeded to slit Rufus' throat ("because he was angry and had an addiction to Adderall"), he then texted a photo of the dead dog to his wife and left her a voice mail saying "'your day is coming girl."  Two (2) days after "the killing" (sadly the law does not consider this to be a "murder" because murder only applies to human victims) f*ckface put himself into a rehab facility, spending three (3) months there followed by eight (8) months at a halfway house to deal with his addiction.

In his plea for leniency in sentencing this cold-blooded killer told the Judge that he is a recovering drug addict of almost a decade, allegedly having become addicted to the prescription drug Adderall in 2009.  Not withstanding his inexcusable actions, and coupled with his having lied to police at the time of the incident (this butcher of sweet furry critters who's only crime was loving him initially told authorities that it was his wife who had killed Rufus) this scumbag had the temerity to tell the Judge that "Rufus was a very loving dog and I am horrified that I crossed a line that never in a million years I thought I would cross."  Um, can you spell...

Amazingly this sub-human piece of primordial slime may be spared having to serve even a day of jail time.  The State has already agreed to a probationary sentence and the Judge has indicated his preliminary intention to abide by the agreement and to pronounce probation without incarceration.  Personally I am appalled.

First, he did what he did (which in itself in inexcusable and merits both significant punishment and sending a serious message to the community as to the acceptability of such conduct).  Second, he lied about and tried to cover up the crime.  This f*cker repeatedly (as in multiple times) tried to pin the brutal killing on his wife forcing a five (5) month investigation which included exhuming the body and forensic testing which ultimately proved his factual guilt (after which he says that he wants people to know "how terribly contrite and sorry I am now {after rehab}").  Third, Rufus is dead, as in forever gone (Memo to Rufus:  Not withstanding the brutal manner of your demise you are now on the Rainbow Bridge my furry little friend... sniff, pee, eta and play well with all of your new friends.)

Please do not misunderstand I both appreciate and applaud the job that John Wiley - the killer's defense lawyer - has done o/b/o his client.  John is a more forgiving man than I, as I would never defend this case (being able to pick and choose is the one lone beauty of being in private criminal defense practice).  Still I am flabbergasted by the the almost inconceivable notion that this deranged sociopath could get probation for his heinous crime.  Above and beyond that, what really gets me going is that the prosecutors - who are "specially appointed - could / would see fit to agree to this.  Memo to Special Appointed Assistant St. Clair County District Attorneys Gwendolyn Connoly and Lamar Williamson:  You are both WEAK and PATHETIC.  If the Judge chose to do it over the government's objection then at least I would have to applaud the State for trying, but here they are not even doing that, and I find this to be almost tantamount to "okaying" the crime. Memo to "Retired Clay County Circuit Court Judge John Rochester (who also was specially appointed to hear this case):  FOR SHAME.  You disgust me.  In Miami,  where I have been a criminal defense attorney for almost a quarter of a century folks get more significantly punished for jaywalking than you have pledged to deem fit  here, and that is just plain old DISGUSTING.  I hope that you kids or grandkids have a pet and that they call your lame ass out on this decision...  BOO!   Memo to the good Folks of Birmingham:  Wtf is going on in your jurisdiction?  Don't you have your own prosecutors and Judges whom you can hold accountable through the election process?  Forget the fact that Rufus got screwed (even in death...); you, the folks, are also gonna get screwed by this farce. Please show up at the August 3rd sentencing and insist on being heard.  Tell the Court and the Government what you think.  Demand justice for Rufus! 

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