Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pancake Emergency: Lafayette, IN Police Officer Parks his Squad Car in a Handicapped Spot while Eating Breakfast at IHOP ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Q:  What's worse than being called out by a man in a wheelchair for parking your squad car in a handicapped spot at IHOP on a Monday morning?  A:  Your Police Chief being a douchebag and rather than calling out his officer for being blind, stupid and or inconsiderate instead blaming the establishment for improperly marking what is clearly - especially in broad daylight - a handicapped spot.

The above picture was submitted to Reddit from an IHOP in Lafayette, IN by the user named "TheToolMan" on Monday morning, July 13th, 2015 with the caption "My local police must be responding to a pancake emergency."  The picture shows a police squad car parked in a handicapped spot right in front of the entrance; what it does not show is the virtually empty parking lot surrounding the building.  (No, that is not the IHOP parking lot below; it's just an illustration.)

The Reddit picture, however, including the elderly man in a motorized wheelchair who may have actually "needed" the handicapped spot, is quite real.  It's so real in fact that it's garnered several million views online, and to my eye it is pretty much as offensive as this...

Or even this...

In fact in some ways it's even worse (at least the douchebags with the 'vette and the pickup and jetski are not uniformed on duty cops, presumably).  But if the picture isn't bad enough then I am formally nominating - screw that actually... it's my blog so I am formally naming Lafayatte Police Department Chief Flannelly as the "Douchebag of the Week".

Instead of calling his officer out for what can AT ABSOLUTE BEST be described as "inattentiveness" (although more accurately, and as previously stated, either "blind, stupid and or inconsiderate") Chief Douchebag took a different tact and stated that the officer "was unaware the spot was a handicap spot as it was not properly marked."  Chief Doucheburger (yes, I know that I altered his moniker... consider it an alias) then chose to bolster his supportive statement by pointing out that the handicapped parking space in question was neither "properly nor adequately marked as a handicapped space", lacking the proper signage and marking requirements and that no vehicle could have been lawfully cited for improperly parking in that particular spot.  Memo to Chief Doucheburger:  Who writes your material?  Joe Piscapo? Because if that wasn't so utterly pathetic then it'd be entirely laughable.  Hello... It is broad freaking daylight. There are both blue lines and a plain as day handicapped logo pained on the pavement that your officer drove right over which is as large as the trunk of the car.  How the f*ck do you miss that?  Would he have missed a dog or a cat or a handicapped person were ony of them laying there?  And if so would you have blamed the cat, dog or handicapped person that your officer ran over?  Hmm? Look, if you miss that enormous logo and those blue lines then, no matter who you are, and regardless of whether or not you can be properly cited, you are obviously not paying any attention whatsoever to the road. Does your unnamed officer moonlight as Captain Obvious...

I think not.  Further, I acknowledge and appreciate that anyone can make a mistake; and not withstanding my rant you, Chief Douche, (and you Folks too) should make no mistake that I respect the fact that the officer in question was quick to both apologize and to move the squad car as soon as he was, er, informed of his, um, er, error.... but that does not excuse how you, Chief Doucheburger, chose to deal with the situation. By my book, and for his "subsequent remedial measures", the Officer in question gets a pass; but you sir, remain...

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