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Cops Intentionally Target Teen for a Traffic Stop but Instead of a Traffic Ticket they Give her a $250 Check toward her Treatment for Bone Cancer. ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Meet sixteen y/o Maddie Carlson.  That's her below...

Maddie is a New Hampshire resident who was diagnosed in May, 2015 with "Ewing's Sarcoma", a rare form of bone cancer, and is undergoing treatment.

When Lieutenant Pierre Pouliet of the Goffstown Police Department learned of Maddie's condition he decided to help by collecting donations from his fellow police officer's, raising $250.00.  The Lt. contacted Maddie's mom (Kathy) to advise of and arrange to deliver the check, but together they decided that a more dramatic presentation was in order... enter the bogus / pretextual traffic stop.  The plan was for Maddie to be driving the family's Honda Pilot when the police sprung their trap, but she was too tired so Kathy had to take the wheel instead.  As you can see from the video (which you can watch by clicking here) the surprise still worked.   

So, on Tuesday, September 15th, 2015, with Kathy driving and Maddie riding shotgun, while en route for lunch the vehicle was pulled over.  As officers approached each side of the vehicle mom put the windows down and when Kathy was accused of erratic driving and of being distracted by the family dog which was sitting in the back, Maddie, who reportedly had never had contact with law enforcement before that day, immediately sprang to her mom's defense.  

Kathy, in on the know, had a hard time maintaining her composure as her daughter adamantly protested her mother's lawful driving pattern.

But Maddie's indignation quickly shifted to surprise, and then to embarrassment, as she realized that both the stop and allegations were all part of a hoax which had been coordinated by her mom and the Goffstown Police Department to donate $250.00 to help her battle the cancer.

Maddie immediately tried to defend her mom against the cop's allegations, insisting they had done nothing wrong, and even panicked slightly about being in trouble with the law.  However, as footage posted on the Goffstown Police Department Facebook  page shows (which you can see by clicking here), Maddie's shock quickly changed once she spotted Lt. Pouliet holding a camera.  In typical teenage fashion, and just as Kathy begins laughing along with the cops, Maddie turns to the camera and said "Oh my God mom!". The officer standing next to Maddie's window then handed her the check and she thanked him before Lt Pouliet joked about seeing her licence.  As Maddie became more and more embarrassed Kathy began laughing harder, and then Lt. Pouliet finally told Maddie that "This was all your mother's idea!"

And the laughter and celebration continued well after the fact....

In contrast, and not a laughing matter, Ewing's Sarcoma is part of a group of extreme rare tumors which, when they appear, usually occur in young people.  Of all cancer diagnoses in people under thirty (30), Ewing's Sarcoma makes up one percent (1%) of cases.  The disease is a primary bone cancer, meaning it originates inside bone cells rather than spreading there from other parts of the body.  If the cancer is diagnosed before it spreads to other parts of the body, then it can be successfully treated in up to seventy-five per cent (75%) of cases.

Kathy said that Maddie's diagnosis had sent her family into shock, and that she had quit her job in order to help care for her daughter, including helping to take her to Boston for treatment at a specialist center.  With medical bills quickly piling up, the family, including her husband (Maddie's father) Andrew, and both of Maddie's sisters, even turned to outside help, including family and friends as well as generous donations such at that from the from the Goffstown Police Department.  The Carlson's are also raising funds via a donation page (which you can access by clicking here)

Memo to both Lieutenant Pierre Pouliet and the Goffstown Police Department:  Well played.  Well played indeed.  I know that I don't need to tell you, but for the benefit of the Folks, this is precisely the sort of selfless and caring act that makes cops so special.  When you see / read / hear about a "bad cop" or a cop who does a "bad" thing please, pretty please, reflect on Lieutenant Pierre Pouliet and the Goffstown Police Department, because A) just as with every group of people / profession, the "bad" are only a small percentage of the whole and B) the "bad" are ridiculously outweighed by "the good".   So thank a cop.  Not only may one save / help / assist you or a loved one, but they also do kind and selfless things for others, and risk their lives each and every day whilst they do so.  The simple fact is that...  

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