Monday, August 10, 2015

What a Jackass: Steve-O Pulls a Hollywood Prank / Sea World Protest but fails to Pull a Permit & gets Arrested! ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

On Sunday evening, August 9th, 2015, "Jackass" "star" Steve-O (a/k/a 41 y/o Stephen Glover, who is pictured below) was arrested after climbing a crane in Hollywood to protest Sea World, and in the process drawing dozens of emergency responders to a construction site.

Steve-O scrambled more than 100 feet up a crane on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard, inflating a large killer whale balloon emblazoned with 'SeaWorld Sucks' and lighting fireworks when he reached the top.

When he finally climbed down Steve-O was taken into custody, being booked into the jail for trespassing and {the heinous crime of} filming without a permit.   Because no one - other than Steve-O and his personal crew - knew what was happening five (5) ambulances a helicopter and more then eighty (80) firefighters were dispatched to the scene as first responders.

Making matters worse is that, per Hollywood Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart, resources were stretched especially thin as firefighters had been called at around the same time to rescue the operator of a harbor crane who had been stricken with a medical emergency.   Per Stewart:  "Some of the resources on this hoax could have been devoted to a real emergency."

Steve-O broadcast his daredevil exploit to some 20,000 people as he shimmied up the enormous structure with the inflatable whale.  In occasional, broken updates on Facebook and via SnapChat, Steve-O updated his audience as he made his way up the crane and crawled along its length.  There were a few metal bars between him and the dangerous construction site below, as Steve-O laughed atop the crane as he started to pump up the inflatable, which had "SeaWorld Sucks" written on it in duct tape.  His plan, which he began at around 7:00 pm appears to have been to float the whale above the towering crane, on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street. 

Steve-O reportedly had teased his audience for a full day before the stunt began, first hinting at "a big dangerous stunt in Los Angeles tomorrow that will probably get me in a lot of trouble".  His first broadcast Sunday night showed him hopping a fence to get inside the construction site, where he appeared to use a ladder to scale the crane. Still images, shared online tens of thousands of times, showed him moving along the structure's length as he tapped out updates to fans. Just after 7:30 pm, Steve-O reported that he could hear sirens, and a later broadcast, just after sunset, showed around a dozen emergency vehicles gathered around the construction site. Undaunted, Steve-O said:  "The cops are going to have to wait for kind of a while I think - I got a few things to do" after counting several squad cars.  He seemed to indicate that some of his friends were nearby filming the action with airborne cameras mounted on drones.  During a third post, sent around 9:00 pm, Steve-O seemed to indicate he was close to done and expected to be arrested, asking: "Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?"

Memo to Steve-O:  I wouldn't necessarily label myself a "fan" but I liked Jackass (the first one or two anyhow), and I really enjoyed watching it with my 10 year old son (who laughed his ass off), who I had to remind, repeatedly, not to try any of this at home, that you guys are "professionals" and that, while they remain both dangerous and very real, you guys take all possible precaution in thinking out your "stunts" and preparing for most any foreseeable consequences... and then there's this.  Look, I don't care what you guys do to yourselves with stun guns or fish hooks or beehives or wasabi or even alligators, but when you effectively shut down a major portion of the communities emergency services to either a) send a message (no matter how noble it may be) or b) or generate ratings then you've gone too far.  In my estimation this was a true "Jackass" move.  So, congratulations... You are now the unequivocal douchebag de jour...

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