Wednesday, August 12, 2015

University of Michigan Professor Arrested in Police Internet Child Sex Sting after Flying to FL for Sex with a fake 14 y/o Boy ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Meet 51 y/o university of Michigan Assistant Professor James Cavalcoli.  That is him below.  

Jim teaches (taught) in the University of Michigan's Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatic and has been a U-MI employee for thirteen (13) years. Prior to that Jim studied Biology at Iowa State University, got his Ph.D. in Molecular Virology at Louisiana State University and he also worked as a Bioinformatics Group Leader for Pfizer.

By all accounts Jim is a pretty smart guy, but for a pretty smart guy he is also pretty freaking stupid (not to fail to mention deranged), having gotten himself caught in a police internet sting operation targeting pedophiles.

On Friday, August 7th, 2015 Jim was arrested at the Bonaventura Resort and Spa in Weston, Broward County, Florida, after having flown in from Michigan, equipped with condoms and lubricant, by an undercover (U/C) Agent who was an officer with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement assigned to work with the FBI's Child Exploitation Task Force.  

Jim, who has never been married and who has no children, met the U/C Agent in November 2013 via a website which facilitates men discussing child pornography and sex with young boys.  Over a twenty (20) month period Jim came to believe that the U/C Agent was a fellow "bi" (boy lover) with a then thirteen (13) y/o son, frequently discussing his fetish for boys aged "tween" or "'teen with older".  Jim also reportedly sent sexually explicit messages to the U/C Agent and eventually asked him if he and his son wished to meet him for sex.  When the U/C Agent finally agreed to meet Jim his only condition was that there would have to be "no pain" if he had sex with the young boy, to which Jim reportedly replied:  "I'm glad you're looking out for your boy!"

Shortly before Jim traveled 1,300 miles from his Ann Arbor, MI home to Weston, FL, armed with condoms and lubricant, he sent what is described as a "panicked text" saying that he was "nervous" and asking for reassurance that the man was not "police or FBI affiliated".  Jim also said that he was "excited" and that he had decided to make the trip despite the risk, so the pair arranged to meet at Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston last Friday evening before traveling to the father/son's home, where Jim expected to engage in sex with the young boy.  However, when Jim arrived at the spa FBI agents, officers and deputies were waiting.  

Jim immediately confessed to his actions, said that he "regretted" his trip and is now facing a federal charge of traveling across states to have sex with a minor.  During his arrest Jim's digital devices were confiscated from him, are now being subjected to forensic examination and whatever is found will be used against him as evidence. Jim's mug shot appears below....

Memo to the Folks:  I am not going to try to get into the head of a grown man who spends his time dabbling between Molecular Virology and fetish sex with boys.  I am the father of a ten (10) y/o boy and to my mind that takes clear precedence over any of my professional considerations.  Let someone else try to figure out the mechanics of Jim's twisted mind and then argue to a judge or jury why he should walk out of the courtroom's front door on his own power (which, but the way, is as likely to happen as our sun is to go supernova by the time that Jim's verdict is read).  

Memo to the Folks continued:  Apart from the obvious (that there are dangerously deranged predators out there) here is what we can take from this case:  A)  Cops literally troll the internet looking for folks who go to, look in, download from or upload to targeted (and usually but not always "deviant" websites).  They (law enforcement) also conduct internet "stings", posing as children or deviants and looking to bag anyone who is foolish enough to take the bait.  B) When it comes to the feds (in all cases), especially, but also as a general rule of thumb with regard to most any internet sting operation, the cops take their time. They set the bait and patiently wait until they are certain that they have their prey clearly hooked, and then they pounce. The evidence is usually (as it reportedly is in this case) over-whelming, devastating and insurmountable.  C)  The reason that Jim's digital devices were confiscated from him, are now being subjected to forensic examination and whatever is found will be used against him as evidence is that a digital fingerprint is not erasable.  Once you post, text, message, email, chat, upload, download or even enter a URL you have ALWAYS done so.  There will be evidence (some easier to find that others),  it will very likely be found and then come back to haunt you.  

When it comes to the subject of "Cops, Courts and Constitutions" you should always have a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who is focused on serving your interests.  While we can't stop the cops from arresting you, as your legal counsel Michael A. Haber, PA will ensure that your rights are respected from the moment that representation begins and that any abuses which may have occurred beforehand are remedied.

At Michael A. Haber, P.A. "Its all about reasonable doubt"!

Michael A. Haber, Esq. is prepared to speak with you about your case!

Cell: 305-798-2220; Office: 305-381-8686; Toll Free: 1-888-SHARK-8-1


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