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Ohio State Trooper Performs CPR for 12 Full Minutes on Unconscious Accident Victim Before EMTs Arrive, Saving Truck Driver's Life ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Meet Ohio State Trooper Eric Devers, that's him below....

In April, 2015 Trooper Devers arrived at the scene of a crash and immediately raced toward the driver, who was still belted into the driver's seat after his truck had careered off of the highway and down a 60-foot embankment.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol posted the dash-cam footage (which you can view here) on Facebook earlier this week, where it has amassed more than five million views.  Per the Social Media post: "Trooper Devers found the driver belted in the driver’s seat, taking low, gasping breaths with eyelids half closed.  After a short amount of time, the driver’s eyes rolled back into his head; he slumped over and quit breathing.  A passerby who stopped to assist Trooper Devers kept the driver upright as Trooper Devers performed CPR chest compressions until EMS arrived. In total, Trooper Devers was on the scene for twelve (12) minutes prior to medical personnel arriving, at which time the driver began breathing on his own and stabilized. In speaking with the family, medical personnel and witnesses at the scene, it is apparent the quick actions of Trooper Devers helped save the driver’s life."  John Depue, the driver, is pictured below.

During the audio footage (which you can watch and listen to here) Trooper Devers is heard shouting: "Keep breathing! Don’t you die! Don’t you die on me! Come on!". Depue was ultimately taken to Wilson Memorial Hospital and has since made a full recovery.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol said that Trooper Devers's quick actions saved the driver's life, and he was awarded a Certificate of Recognition on Thursday, August 13th, 2015.

Depue has since stated that he does not remember anything about what happened that day, but having since seen the DashCam footage (which can be viewed here) that he believes that Trooper Devers saved his life.  Per Depue:  He was really my guardian angel that day. If it wasn't for him then I wouldn't be here talking to you right now. The last thing I remember was going along the highway, and the next thing I remember I was waking up in hospital the next day.  The doctors told me afterwards that my heart had stopped beating while I was driving and had started vibrating instead which made me black out.  They told me it was down to stress and too much caffeine. I've been driving trucks for 35 years and it's the first time anything like that happened to me. It scared the hell out of me."

Depue he had reportedly just driven a load to Cincinnati and was driving back to his home state of Michigan to reload. He reported that everything after the crash was a blur, but he remembers his wife coming to the hospital the next day when he was told what happened.  Per Depue:  "I didn't know what to think. It was certainly like nothing I had ever experienced before.  I knew an officer had saved my life and I was incredibly grateful to him, but until this footage appeared a few days ago I had no idea of his name or how bad the situation was.  We saw each other for the first time the other day while doing an interview over the computer, and I just told him that he was my angel that day."

Depue reportedly began driving trucks while serving in the military from 1979 to 1983 and took on driving full time after coming out of the service.  He said that he was off the road for two (2) months after the accident but that he has gotten back to driving now after being put on medication to stop his heart problem.  Per Depue:  "It really was kind of emotional because I didn't know if the medication was going to work. What scared me more than anything was that I could've hurt somebody else. I couldn't imagine having to live my life knowing I went back to driving and it happened again and I would've hurt a family or something.  But the doctors have told me that the medication will stop it, and the people I work for have been just fantastic about the whole thing.  I can sort of pick and chose when I drive and if I'm ever feeling tired I can take the day off. To officer Devers, I would tell him thank you. You saved my life."

Trooper Devers was reunited with Depue over satellite on morning show Fox and Friends Weekend.  Per Trooper Devers:  "I was able to step up to that truck with him, he was taking very, very little, gasping breaths, hardly like he was alive at all. Our academy is so extensive in its training that at that point my mind just essentially went on autopilot. I just did what I knew I had to do."  Memo to Trooper Devers:  You are a humble hero.  I don't know what an Ohio State Trooper "Certificate of Recognition" looks like but I've got one of my own for you...

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