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Michael A. Haber, P.A.'s Webisode on "Paper Arrests" (Promise / Notice to Appear, PTA / NTA) ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

In Florida most misdemeanor arrests can - at the sole discretion of the arresting officer - be effectuated on paper, without taking the subject to jail.  This process is referred to as a "paper arrest", or either as a Promise or a Notice to Appear (PTA / NTA).  In these circumstances the officer typically fills out a form advising you of what you are being charged with and then you are noticed by the Clerk of Court to appear for a future Court appearance.  Make no mistake that if you have been PTA's / NTA'd then you have been arrested.  You will need to appear in Court where you will face a prosecutor and be judged, and, accordingly, you should be represented by a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer.   (As an aside make sure that the cop has your correct mailing address or you likely will not get your Court notice, and if you do not appear then you will get an arrest warrant... and that is entirely on you.)

Some misdemeanor cases cannot be PTA / NTA'd.  For example, DUI or Domestic Violence Assault or Battery require jail booking, but many misdemeanors, most in fact, can result in a  paper arrest, and whether or not they do will generally fall upon your demeanor, attitude and behavior with the cops in the moment.  If you are in fact, act like or are perceived to be a "jerk" (not to fail to mention if you are hostile, aggressive, uncooperative, rude, etc.) then you are likely to be physically rather than paper arrested.  Conversely, if you are polite and respectful then your odds at a paper arrest will exponentially increase.  You should also note that in any event your behavior on scene will both be considered by the State in regard to plea negotiations and admitted in evidence if your case proceeds to hearing or trial, in which case it will be considered by the judge or jury.  

No matter how poorly the cops may act or react you can - and always should - remain calm and cool.  You can, and should, invoke your rights, in a respectful manner.  This is all "upside" for you (long term if not short term) and will always permit your lawyer an undeniable avenue of argument in mitigation of whatever it is that you are accused of having done.

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