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When on Probation in FL can a cop who conducts a traffic stop search the vehicle top to bottom without a warrant? / AVVO / "Best Answer" / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Q:     Being on probation for a felony, can just any officer/sheriff/trooper (not prob. off.) search my vehicle without warrant/cause? Probation for felony drug charge, state of Florida, adjudication was withheld, first offense/felony. Can just any officer/sheriff/trooper conduct a search without a warrant of the vehicle? If so, are they able to search locked compartments as well, such as the glove box or truck (without a warrant)?

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Answered .  Only your PO, or any law enforcement officer who is with and physically assisting your PO can search you or your property. 

Your PO cannot send minions to do her/his bidding. S/he must be physically present. 

Apart from your PO, every other government officer, agent or entity is bound by the 4th. 

Don't consent and record every encounter with the cops so you can prove how respectful you were when you invoked your rights and declined their kind offer to search you or your property. 

If it's your PO then let her/him do what s/he wants. You will lose each and every pissing match that you have with your PO. (Even if you win in the end you will still have lost.) 

As an aside, you might consider taking a look at my Avvo Legal Guide on surviving probation / CC in Florida as it contains a great deal of information on the subject and may prove to be helpful to you. For your convenience a link follows: 

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I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.
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