Sunday, December 21, 2014

Just how far some ass clowns go to get, er to steal, and then to keep, that which they want? / Dog-napping FAIL! / Michael A. Haber, Esq. ~ Call **ARRESTED or **MIAMIDUI

Meet Coco the reddish-brown Pitbull puppy with white markings.  That's her below.

About a month ago Coco went missing from her San Jacinto, SoCal home.  At the time is was unknown how or why Coco left.  Was it nefarious?  Did she run off with some stray?  Did she escape the yard and get struck by a vehicle?  Did she chase something or seek momentary freedom and get lost?  No one knew for sure until yesterday (Sat., Dec. 20th, 2014), when Coco was reunited with her human, Heather Lowery, the two of them happily shown below:

Of course you will notice that Coco is no longer her adorable, God-given reddish brown self and is, instead, a seemingly darker version of her old self.

Now, a month later, Coco was found roaming the streets of Riverside County, CA, presenting as a stray, black dog.  Fortunately Coco was adopted from a shelter, and therefore "came with" an implanted microchip, which quickly identified Coco, her adoptive human and the ruse (she was stolen and dyed, head-to-paw), as well as altered the initial thinking to Coco having been dog-napped a month earlier.

I am very happy that Heather and Coco have been reunited, especially right as the holiday season dawns.  That said, Kidnapping, or pet-napping, is an abysmal and desperate act of a low-life degenerate scumbag.  I can't speak for anyone else but I know that my pets (yes, I call them my "pets" but in point of fact I am well-aware that I am "their human") are every bit as much a part of my family as my biological son. Were one to go missing I would be devastated, and were one to be "napped" then surely I would seek vengeance, bible-styled, Marcellus Wallace style in fact...

Memo to the folks:  Protect your pets.  Microchips may sound like a cruelty but, in reality, they can be life savers.  You need look no further than Coco for proof positive.

Memo to the degenerate, scumbag thieves who stole Coco (and to any other would-be pet-nappers): This is what a dog thief looks like:

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