Friday, December 26, 2014

Generous lawyer steps up and pays fine so that a young father can avoid a felony criminal record / Michael A. Haber, Esq. ~ Call **ARRESTED or **MIAMIDUI

Meet Colin M. Murphy, Esq., a Portland, OR civil lawyer.  Yes, that's him below...

On Thursday, December 18th Colin was sitting in a Multnomah County Circuit Courtroom awaiting his case being called when he overheard lawyers and the Judge discussing 27 y/o Castor Conley's predicament.  (Yes, that is Castor below, in his booking photo...)

Apparently Castor played a minor role in a 2013 criminal conspiracy involving stolen vehicles.  It was alleged that the 27 y/o father of a 17 month old baby girl paid about $200.00 for a stolen vehicle and then resold it for $275.00 to someone else who in turn chopped it up and resold the parts.  In court Christmas season 2014 plea negotiations, which would reduce Castor's charge from a felony to a misdemeanor, were contingent upon Castor paying $983.00 to the victim (the truck owner).  The problem:  Castor did not have $983.00.  Meantime, Colin, who had no prior knowledge of, relationship to or interest in any of this, was carefully listening to this dialogue, stepped up, offered to pay the $983.00 for Colin and wrote a check right then and there in the courtroom.  

Colin stated that he knows how much a felony conviction can effect a person's employment and housing prospects, and he felt that the plea offer was fair, intending to compensate the vehicle owner for items which were lost when the truck was stolen as well as reimbursing him for his insurance deductible, all the while not over-penalizing Castor.  According to Castor's criminal defense lawyer, Lawrence Taylor (who is presumably not THE "LT" Lawrence Taylor), Castor became emotional, thanking Colin profusely.  Not-LT also said that in his 22 years of practicing law "I've never experienced anything like this, not even for a smaller amount".  

The Judge approved the arrangement and told Castor that he had to pay Colin back, and to this Colin stated "If I get paid back, great; if I don't no problem.  I'm not going to hold the kid to it."  He indicated that he was just happy to "give the kid a chance" and stated that "All of us sometime in our lives have done something we would rather not have done, and the time will come when perhaps we are going to be held accountable, and I think at that point we would like to have somebody show us mercy".  So take that Shakespeare...

Below is a happier picture of Castor Conley and his wife, who's lives were forever changed by the generosity of an otherwise anonymous attorney.

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