Thursday, December 18, 2014

How far would you go for a Barbie car? Man fakes a heart attack so his partner in crime can steal toys from Walmart. / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **MIAMIDUI

Meet 30 y/o Florida resident Tarus Scott, that's him below....

And his buddy, er, partner in crime, 27 y/o Gerald Dupree, below...

Yesterday (12/17/14) the pair went "shopping" (which, apparently means, to them anyhow, "lurking with intent to pilfer") at the Walmart in Lake  Wales, FL and were strolling through the store with a cart containing a a "Power Wheel Barbie Car", a "Leap Frog Tablet" and a "Barbie Glam Vacation House" when the younger Dupree suddenly fell to the ground, clutching his heart and in apparent coronary distress...  "APPARENT" being the operative word...

Turns out that there was nothing wrong with Dupree's heart, only his mind.  The "heart attack" was a rouse, designed to dupe and distract store security such that Tarus could roll their filled cart of unpaid items straight out of the front doors.  

Store surveillance captured this poorly thought out plan on tape, and the cops caught Tarus and Dupree in short order, with their Barbie (and Leap Frog) toys.  The video shows the pair walking with the loaded cart, Dupree faking his coronary, spending a few seconds on the ground, standing up - hand still pressed at his heart - and then making his way out of the store, miraculously healed (in an apparent Christmas miracle).  Cops stated that they did not flee in the Barbie car, and, instead, that Dupree entered a car being driven by Tarus, the pair leaving together, being caught and now facing theft charges.  

Memo to Tarus and Dupree:  

You should check your respective mailboxes regularly, but do not expect MENSA applications, instead, just look for your court appearance notices.  Honestly, I should thank you.  Not for myself per se, but because knuckleheaded jackwagons like you two support my industry.  Because of you (and your fellow {varying degrees of} sociopath morons) some criminal defense lawyer will be able to afford to HONESTLY buy her/his kid a Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa gift.  Who knows, perhaps even a "Power Wheel Barbie Car", a "Leap Frog Tablet" and a "Barbie Glam Vacation House"....

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