Thursday, December 11, 2014

2 CA Teens Feed Live Cat to Dogs & are Arrested after the Posted Video is Traced Back to Them / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

So, 2 Bakersfield, CA teenagers, aged 15 and 17, were arrested for animal cruelty when they "fed a live cat to two large dogs... verbally encouraging the dogs to attack the cat", videotaping the incident and then posting it online for the world to watch.  

The kids were caught when someone who had viewed the video called Animal Control which in turn 
reported the incident to the Kern County Sheriff's Office.  It did not take long for the Sheriff's cyber crime unit to track the video to the 2 subject teenagers (who's names cannot be released as they are minors) and then arrest their sick, twisted, sociopathic asses.

I have zero tolerance for animal abusers.  I'm not talking the Michael Vicks of the world (sidebar:  I know that many folks have reasonably  condemned MV, and I get it, believe me I do, but I can, and do, differentiate between the situations), I am referring to savages who do remorseless, guiltless, shameless, grandiose and narcissistic things such as feeding live cats to aggressive dogs for nothing more than sh*ts and giggles, and then proceed to proudly share their accolades with the world as they see it though their demented 2-year old minds.  Savages like that are likely not salvageable and, if set free without control are probably destined for infamy.

As a private criminal defense lawyer one luxury that I enjoy is the ability to decline representation as I see fit, without explanation or excuse being required.  Fortunately (or not, depending upon your POV) there are always committed lawyers (whether having no choice because they are in public service or because they are terminal in their belief system) who will accept representation so I'm sure that these little f*ckers will get representation, but what they need is:

Either that or a serious:

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