Sunday, December 14, 2014

2 Alleged Murderers & 1 Alleged Armed Robber Trick, Beat and Tie a Guard to Effect Alabama Jail Escape / Michael A. haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Below is a picture of the Choctow, Alabama County Jail:

A seemingly nice rural 'Bama detention facility which had the misfortune of simultaneously housing, in the same cell, these three (3) soon-to-be-wishing-that-they-were-never-born fellows: 1)  Demarcus Woodward, a 23 y/o young man who was being held for allegedly shooting and killing someone;

2)  Gemayel Culbert, a 32 y/o who is alleged to have taken part in the shooting deaths of two (2) folks at a private club; 

and 3) Terrell Gordon, a 23 y/o and the only non-alleged-murderer of the trio, but who was jailed accused of a mere trivial armed robbery / convenience store theft.

These three (3) soon-to-be-dead or wishing-they-were-so gents planned and successfully effectuated their escape, are presently on-the-loose, are wanted and are being aggressively hunted.  Not just because 2 of them are accused murderers and the other an accused armed robber, but also because there's only one thing that law enforcement likes less than being embarrassed, and that's one of their own being attacked and beaten.

How did they manage their escape?  Quite brazenly and not to shabbily, although their acts will probably cost them their lives (my money is on them never seeing a jail cell again, unless of course there are jail cells in Hell...).  At about 2:00 am on Saturday night (12/13/14) they started screaming for a jailer to come help with one of them who was sick.  When the jailer looked through a peep slot he saw one of the inmates doubled over in apparent distress and vomiting, so he opened the door, entered and was immediately jumped by all three cellmates.  After beating him unconscious, Gordon, the robber, fled while the 2 murderers wrapped the guards face with a towel and sprayed it down with Lysol (this I don't get, maybe someone can explain that to me...).  They took his keys, his cell phone and managed to escape the facility on foot.  Police K-9's tracked them about 1/4 mile down the road where it is believed that the trio was picked up by a waiting car.  Although their escape was highly coordinated it is not believed that any of the three knew each other prior to their sharing a cell.  There are more than 100 law enforcement officials searching fore these fellows now.  

I suppose that if one (or 3) is facing prosecution and sentencing for a life or capital offense then logically what more harm can there by by stacking on additional offenses, so why not take you shot at freedom, even if doing so compounds your already bleak outlook?  But if I can make that logical leap then jailers should surely be aware of that possibility, begging the question as to why the guard who got beaten and duped put himself in a position to get beaten and duped?  Don't misunderstand what I'm about to say, because I truly do hope that the guard is okay, but he must a) be about the sorriest excuse for a jailer, ever, and b) absolutely needs to effect a career change.

Meantime, and in all seriousness, if you happen to see any of these three then please be careful and call the cops immediately.

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