Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting out of a traffic ticket: Its not rocket science... its magic! / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Say hello to Steven Brundage of NYC.  Yes, that's him below:

Steven is that 1 in 100 (or is it 1,000?) who managed to talk (er, perform) his way out of a speeding ticket.  How did he accomplish this you as?  Easy.  It was Magic.

Steven was stopped for speeding.  When the cop approached the car he observed, and inquired about, cards that were visible in the vehicle, prompting Steven's statement that he is a magician.  Curious, perhaps disbelieving, Officer Friendly asked Steven to perform a trick, indicating that if he were sufficiently impressed then no speeding ticket would issue.

I won't spoil the story for you (its a good, fun and happy one, and the hyperlinked article contains a video of the "trick" that duly impressed the cop and got Steven out of the speeding ticket) but I will say, again, that Steven's story is a fluke.  There are a very small percentage of folks who get stopped for traffic violations and who successfully talk / perform their way out of receiving a ticket.  The vast majority of folks simply make matters worse by yapping (sometimes getting more than one ticket, sometimes causing the office to note the citation so s/he specifically remembers the instance should it ever see a courtroom, sometimes resulting in statements / admissions / confessions being recorded for future testimony / state's evidence and sometimes escalating an otherwise routine traffic stop into a more serious matter), so I always advise being respectful and speaking as little as possible should you find yourself in a roadside encounter.  For every Steven Brundage there are 100-1,000 of these:

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