Thursday, December 11, 2014

"The Best of the Best" ~ 12/08/14 AVVO Client Review ~ Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Client Review on AVVO -  12/08/14

The Best of the Best!

Posted by Cookie DeMarziani, 
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Starting at a devastating point, Mr. Haber explained his strategy. He then proceeded to lay out his plan of action; a detailed plan which was carried out with precision and deliberate detailed steps throughout the process. The strategy & outcome a HUGE Success!! We are forever GRATEFUL for his knowledge, drive, intensity, perseverance, compassion and determination. Mike is a OUTSTANDING attorney and an Fabulous human being. He keeps client & family fully informed along the way as he plans for the worst and expects the best results. He Did It!!! OUR MAJOR SUCCESS STORY.
THANK YOU MIKE HABER. We are BLESSED to have had you as our lawyer.
  1. Michael Adam Haber

Michael Haber

  1. Lawyer Comment:
    I am humbled and honored. Tyvm! A small part of me is sad that our relationship (attorney-client) has ended but the larger part is elated to call you and your family "friends". Please accept my best wishes for a happy, healthy and UNEVENTFUL (caps intentional) holiday season. Fondly, MAH/Esq.
    Posted 2 days ago. 

For more than 23 years Michael A. Haber, P.A. has been providing creative, effective and zealous advocacy and counsel in cases ranging from DUI to drug trafficking and from misdemeanors to first degree murder.  

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