Monday, December 15, 2014

Cops and lawyer's not withstanding, there's not much that's worse than a BAD / CORRUPT JUDGE... / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Meet former-Judge (Murray County, GA Magistrate) Bryant Cochrain... Yes, that's him below:

Apparently Bryant has been a BAD-JUDGE, facing upo to twenty (20) years in federal prison after having been convicted in federal court of 6 charges including, but not limited to sexually harassment of a female employee, illegally searching through another female employee's cell phone, falsely framing a third woman for arrest and asking a childhood friend to lie for him.

All of the allegations and convictions are bad - its ALWAYS the worst sorty of shame when a Judge is arrested (much less convicted) for a criminal act, and most especially when the same is done while serving as a Judge, and even moreso when there is a pattern and series of criminal acts - but the worst of his criminal endeavors fell upon Angela Garmely, pictured below, all smiling and happy...

But wait, here is another picture of Angela, her booking photo from when she was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, a crime for which she was busted after JUDGE COCHRAIN valled local cops and tipped them off that they'd find the meth in Angela's car... the meth that the Judge himself planted in her car...

And why did this douche-of-a-former-Judge plant meth in Angela's car?  That's an excellent question with a piss poor explanation.  Apparently Angela had appeared before Cochrain seeking issuance of arrest warrants for three (3) men who had beaten her.  While with the Judge he advised that he needed a mistress and inquired as to whether or not Angela was into oral sex.  The extent of their relationshiop is unknown but apparently they texted with one another for a week or so.  Sometime thereafter Angela told her husband about the tryst and he filed a formal grievance against the Judge which, as you will discern from the article (which outlines it in glorious detail), resulted in the Judge planting the meth, reporting it and then asking his childhood friend to lie for him and bolster his contradictory proclamation of innocence. Bryant, Bryant, Bryant... You are (were) an:

(Evil Judge).

Memo to former-Judge / soon-to-be-federal-inmate  Bryant Cochrain:  You are a piece of crap.  You were elected (or appointed, I don't know how they go about doing these things in Murray County, GA... could be a lottery drawing for all I know) to the most serious position of public trust, the sanctity of the Bench, and look how you sh*t all over it.  

Good luck in your next career, as a federal incarcerant.  Say hello to Ft. Leavenworth for me.... Jackass.

Memo to Judges everywhere:  I know that the vast majority of you are nothing like this piece of crap and that you both take your oaths and responsibilities to the Constitutions (State and Federal) and to faithfully serving the interests of justice (even if you occasionally get it wrong when you rule against me) seriously.  But, just like with cops and lawyers (and pretty much any walk of life), one bad seed not only serves to make everyone suspect, but it also casts a shadow of doubt and suspicion over the entire justice system.  Please, pretty please, don't stand by idly and let your piss poor colleagues (they are out there and you know who they are) continue to batter the integrity of the criminal justice system.  This is one instance where being a rat is a good thing.

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