Monday, December 15, 2014

The World's Worst Neighbor - from Restraining Orders to Arrest for Conspiracy & Solicitation to Commit Murder / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Meet 57 y/o Jeffrey Wright of Eugene, OR.... Yes, that's him below:

Jeff is in jail facing charges for his part in a Murder-for-Hire plot (Conspiracy to and Solicitation to Commit Murder) wherein he is accused of actively soliciting someone else to kill his neighbor, well, one of his neighbors anyhow.  It seems that 'ole Jeff, who is quite possibly the "World's Worst Neighbor", has issues with several of his fellow proximate citizens....

So Jeff was in jail a few month ago, serving time for violating a restraining order when he engaged his cellmate to kill his neighbor.  Before we get further into the Murder-for-Hire neighbor's tale let's take a few moments to learn how Jeff had gotten into jail in the first place.  In November, 2013 Jeff was served with a restraining order by a different neighbor (not the one that he is accused of attempting to have killed but another one) when that neighbor testified that, after advising that "he was going to terrorize me 'till I moved", Jeff tried to run him off of the road while driving their cars (that act apparently being the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back).  Over the next 11 months that neighbor renewed the restraining order twice, after being "pelted with dog feces and hit with floodlights".  

So Jeff is in jail for violating the restraining order (which, by the way, is one of 2.... yes, there is another neighbor, and not yet the subject of the Murder-for-Hire, who also successfully secured a restraining order against Jeff - this one securing Court protection in March, 2014 after successfully claiming that Jeff had threw rocks at her home and screamed profanities at her family and testifying that "...he has reached an unpredictable state, I fear that anything he says could and may happen... I now have no idea of what he is capable of"...) and he is bunked up with a 30 y/o jail inmate whom Jeff allegedly "hires" to kill yet a 3rd neighbor (presumably before this one can secure the trifecta / hat-trick 3rd restraining order against him).  

So, instead of following through with Jeff's plan (which was for the inmate, after his release, to follow the neighbor's car on the neighbor's route to work - which allegedly had been provided by Jeff, along with the make, model and license plate of the target's car - and then crash the neighbor's car into a telephone pole) the 30 y/o instead reported the details to a jailhouse deputy, who in turn ran the story up the ladder resulting in Jeff's arrest for Conspiracy to and Solicitation to Commit Murder.  Jeff now faces 7 years in prison, while his neighbors face 7 years of peace and quiet.  So?  What are the take-aways?

Memo to Jeff:  You make Dan Aykroyd ("Vic") look like Martha Stewart.  

Throwing dog crap, aiming flood lights, cursing out folks (including kids), promising to make life miserable, running folks off the road.... and that's the good stuff....  Why can't you just get along? You know, like you apparently did with your cell mate, well before he ratted you out anyhow.  I suppose he too will need protection form your psycho self now as well....

Memo to the folks:  Apart from the obvious (if you have them then work out your civil disputes with your neighbors in a civilized fashion, and if it comes to restraining orders then take that as an omen and steer freaking clear), if you ever find yourself in jail then DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE because every soul in jail is a rat / snitch, or a potential rat / snitch, who is capable (not to fail to mention HIGHLY MOTIVATED) to improve their own sh*tty circumstances (whether by earning a reduction in their own sentence or a benefit in their own case or privileges in custody or whatever) by TURNING YOUR LAME ASS INTO THE MAN.  Forewarned is forearmed.

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