Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Times They Are a Changing ~ High School Student Gives His Teacher a Pot Brownie instead of an Apple / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

An unnamed 17 y/o Broadneck High School student (in MD) is under arrest for criminally administering a controlled dangerous substance, distributing the same, 2nd degree assault and reckless endangerment for his part in giving part of a pot brownie to one of his teachers during 3rd period.

What was he thinking?  Not that it much matters (the act of bringing the pot brownie to school is enough to land him in criminal and academic / administrative trouble) but the student claims that when his teacher observed him eating a brownie and asked for a piece he panicked and, rather then fessing up, simply gave it to her (sadly, paranoia is a known and predictable side-effect of THC consumption).

The student was busted when the teacher was taken first to the school nurse for feeling ill and being disoriented.  She was subsequently taken to a local hospital and released without incident (but likely with a raging appetite, and probably for more brownies).  When school officials found the student's girlfriend in the same condition, and she too mentioned having had a piece of her beau's brownie, the calculus was simple.

While there was no apparent nefarious intent here the act of unknowingly administering controlled substances to another is a serious criminal violation, and for good reason.  Who knows whether the recipient is allergic, or may subsequently and obliviously engage in perilous acts or otherwise unwittingly endangers others, and that is the good side of the coin.  Sometimes this is done intentionally and with vicious plans, such as date rape, knock out thefts / robberies or with intent to kill.

Memo to the unnamed high schooler:  You are lucky that no real harm was done, but you will still likely feel the effects of this foolish decision for the rest of your life.  My advise:  Try to make sh*t pie out of sh*t.  Learn from this experience.  Better yourself from it.  There are many potential lessons to be learned.

Memo to the Folks:  See above.  Don't be that person.  Limit your "recreational" activities to appropriate venues and only "play" with others who have voluntarily anted.

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