Sunday, December 14, 2014

Super Parent: NOT! ~ Douche-ess of the Day: Ab-so-freak-ing-lute-ly! ~ Woman abuses 10 y/o mentally ill son. / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Meet Christle Prado, mother of 3 from Winter Garden, FL... Yes, that's her below:

Apparently this stellar parent decided, in her warped f'ing mind, that an appropriate punishment for her mentally ill 10 y/o old wetting his bed was to dress him up as a girl (wearing a dress and make up) and, as he cried (smearing the make-up on his face), photographed him, then sending him outside to run around the lawn.  And, if this was not enough, this stupid twat then posted pictures of her crying son on various social media (which, naturally, was traced back to her and was the means for her being caught and arrested)

The back story I don't know, but I understand that a) the mother was laughing at the boy as he cried and she took pictures, b) she was not alone, her landlord, Keith Driscoll, pretty (and well-adjusted) critter that he is (that's him below...)

allegedly threw ice at the boy while he was forced to take a cold shower, c) they made him run around outside, in his dress, such that his friends could see him, d) per DCF this is not the first time that they have been summoned to the Prado household (although they "why" of any such prior incidents in unknown), e) all of her children have been removed from her custody and care and f) she (and her creepy freaking landlord) have been charged with cruelty toward and mental infliction upon children, subjecting them each to 20 years in State prison.

Memo to Christle Prado:

That and:  A)  You are a f'ing shameful disgrace and B) Congratulations on your award....

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