Saturday, December 27, 2014

Creepy brothers have $2mil bond for child porn charges after investigators trace child porn post to their IPO address / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED or **MIAMIDUI

Meet 29 y/o Levi and 26 y/o Andrew Castro, brothers from Crest Hill, IL.  Yes, that's them below....

These two are a couple of world class undisputed....

I am not judging them by their appearance (although there is likely some merit to doing so); rather I am adjudicating them "stupid" based upon their actions.  Andrew faces 30 years in prison for one (1) count of disseminating (posting) child pornography and three (3) counts of possession of child porn after Will Country, IL investigators traced the IPO address of his immoral post to the 26 y/o (non-tattoo faced) address, and then to his computer, after they secured a (yup, you guessed it....)

served it and would up arresting Levi for one (1) count of possession of child porn, subjecting him to three (3) to seven (7) years in state prison.  At their December 20th, 2014 bond hearing investigators with the Will County State Attorney High Technology Crimes Unit testified that there was evidence that the brothers had planned on finding, raping, murdering and disposing of a baby, and if the mother got in the way that they intended to kill her as well.  Their bond was set at $2,000,000.00 each.

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